Detailed look at EPCOT'S recent Harmonious fountain and lighting test

Mar 24, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious Mexico barge fountain test and icon barge lighting test - March 24 2021
Posted: Wednesday March 24, 2021 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Installation crews were carrying out a number of tests at EPCOT yesterday on the fountains and lighting systems for the upcoming Harmonious show set to debut later this year.

The Mexico barge, which was one of the first to be installed, was running through a high pressure vertical fountain test.

The show platforms have a number of fountain nozzles on various parts of the structure, including some on the articulating arm that extends from the platform.

In the vertical mode, the fountains are capable of some considerable height, somewhere in the region of at least 100ft.

The water falling from the lower third towards the front is interesting. It isn't clear if this is actually a powered cascade fountain, or run-off of water collected on the platform from the main fountains.

The morning sunlight refraction was causing an interesting color effect on the mist coming off the fountains.

Although there will be a daytime fountain display to disguise to some extent the show hardware, it seems unlikely that this particular test is for that mode. However, this wide view from near World Showcase Plaza gives an idea of what the fountains look like from a distance.

The video below shows the test from various point around World Showcase Lagoon. For a 4K version, head to our video page.

In the center of World Showcase Lagoon, testing was being carried out on the 6 story tall icon ring barge lighting systems.

Close-ups show multi-colored lighting surrounding the ring. These light fixtures appear to be RGB color changing modules.

With the addition of the third barge yesterday, there is just one large piece of hardware still to be brought out into the lagoon. From then on it should be a case of testing, completing the show design and debuting to guests sometime later this year. Disney is yet to announce an opening date.

Click the gallery to see more pictures of the Harmonious fountain test.

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mnelson344 minutes ago

One thing we haven’t seen in the preview videos is the spot light beams from the arms like the concept art. Or was that a failed effect? Sadly I think the majority of the lighting effects and lasers wont be to noticeable unless there is enough pyro smoke.

Vinnie Mac16 hours ago


brb100617 hours ago

It's an eyesore!

MisterPenguin2 days ago

I still call it The Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village.

Vinnie Mac2 days ago

Yeah. My family and I are either going in October or November. If we are going in October then I could probably keep myself from watching any spoilers. If we are going in November then I don't think I will have the mental capacity to wait another month 😂. Either way I'll probably just slip up and watch it anyway🤷🏾

Vinnie Mac2 days ago

I've slowly (but not fully) grown out of calling HS "MGM" but if it makes you feel any better, I still often say Downtown Disney instead of Disney Springs 😂

Lands of Wonder2 days ago

I love the visuals and how they dome make it feel right out of a Disney movie, big compromise I think for Epcot, I’d rather see them on a water screen.

Brenthodge3 days ago

Disney thanks you.

Gottliebjess3 days ago

I guess for me the idea is I know it’s for what I think and hope will be for a fantastic nighttime spectacular so it has a purpose and I can say not attractive but totally worth. Ends justify the means I guess in my mind?

Incomudro3 days ago

This is more than just a perfect sightline hindered. This is a huge amount of industrial looking clutter that ruins the whole theme of the area.

mightynine3 days ago

I was there before there even was a MGM studios to get the name wrong, ya whippersnapper

Giss Neric3 days ago

Good luck avoiding spoilers unless you don't have any social media accounts. I have accepted that I will have to watch it on it's debut from YouTube even though we have a planned trip in December.

Gottliebjess3 days ago

Yes! The music sounded amazing and I LOVE they have folks native to those countries and cultures doing the music and signing. One could say it’s harmonious

MisterPenguin3 days ago

Maybe just another 13 years will help break the habit! ;)