The China Pavilion's new movie to be titled 'Wondrous China'

Aug 26, 2019 in "Reflections of China"

Posted: Monday August 26, 2019 9:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new Circle-Vision 360 movie in Epcot's China Pavilion will be titled 'Wondrous China.'

Presented in a new seamless digital 360 degree format, the movie will include new scenes, music and locations. An opening date has not yet been announced.

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DoleWhipDreaOct 31, 2021

The Mulan controversy is significant, especially for Disney - many government officials have been grilling Disney and specifically Chapek for their partnership with China. And that's ignoring the significant backlash they've gotten from the general public. I found this article from the LA Times helpful: How Disney’s ‘Mulan’ became one of 2020’s most controversial movies

Tha RealestOct 28, 2021

I think you all need to look at the broader picture here. Iger was cultivating a relationship with the Chinese leadership for years for his crowning achievement, Shanghai Disneyland. Virtually every Disney product is produced in China. Their films and movies are heavily reliant on China's box office. Perhaps all the inward focus on decades-old films and attractions is out of shame due to the blind eye they're turning to atrocities they enable now.

lazyboy97oOct 28, 2021

I have not fallen for anything. You are the one who tried to downplay the issue by claiming it was just a matter of a single thanks to the local film board, which it was not. Now you are trying to spin your distortion as some sort of acknowledgement of a larger issue.

MisterPenguinOct 28, 2021

You keep downplaying the role of all China leadership as if the officials of that province and those governing institutions don't have the stamp of approval of the top leadership, as if those regions can act autonomously. You've pretty much fallen for the top leadership's plausible deniability gambit.

lazyboy97oOct 28, 2021

The issue wasn’t over thanking Tulou or Zhangye. It was over the multiple thanks (almost half) to Xinjiang including the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Safety. You keep trying to downplay this into a single innocuous credit for an uninvolved group and that is not the case.

CreathirOct 28, 2021

Quite obviously, there are larger issues at hand regarding cooperation with the PRC on Disney's part, but you have to admit there is something quite distasteful in thanking the specific region for filming in said region where active genocide is taking place and thanking the local government, which is specifically facilitating said genocide... But at least we got Mulan yo, right?

MisterPenguinOct 28, 2021

What if they filmed at some place "safe" in China and they simply thanked the Chinese government that gave the OK and visas to shoot there? The genocide and oppression is countenanced by the top level of the Chinese government. So, would that mean Disney is condoning genocide?

CreathirOct 28, 2021

I suppose this would have been like Disney thanking Germany for allowing them to film during the early 1940s in southwestern German occupied Poland. It’s just standard practice to thank them after all right?

riorizOct 28, 2021

Don't know much, but do know this ain't dead...could debut anytime during the 50th..even into 2023

lazyboy97oOct 25, 2021

It is not just a single matter of fact credit for a simple establishing shot. Of the 17 China Special Thanks credits, 8 (47%) of those credits are for Xinjiang or areas within and the only area to have a Burea of Public Security thanked. Xinjiang is the most thanked region and that includes an organization that is not a film board specifically connected to the ongoing atrocities. And if it was a single, inconsequential shot it easily could have been shot elsewhere.

castlecake2.0Oct 25, 2021


doctornickOct 25, 2021

The China update is still in the Odyssey Epcot Experience preview though, right? That would seem to indicate it is still being planned, even if delayed.

ChrisFLOct 25, 2021

The China film was not only going to be an updated one but a seamless experience meaning they would overhaul the whole theater...I have a feeling that was probably cut out of the budget. There's MANY tricky things going on right now in regards to China in general, so I don't have any hopes for this one happening anytime soon

MisterPenguinOct 24, 2021

Oh. I didn't know Disney thanked them for committing genocide. I thought they thanked them for being allowed to film establishing shot there.