Disney files construction permit for shuttered Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

Jan 29, 2024 in "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser"

Posted: Monday January 29, 2024 9:28am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has filed a construction permit for the now-closed Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World.


The permit is assigned to Sunstate Awning & Graphic Design, a Florida-based company that provides custom fabric and metal awnings.

The permit provides no other information, and the scope of the work is unknown. It remains to be seen if this construction is related to any future guest-facing project at the former Starcruiser or simply part of maintaining the building during its closure.

Disney is remaining tight-lipped on the future of the building; speaking in June 2023, Disney Parks boss Josh D'Amaro said, "No hints yet, but something will happen."

Possible concepts for repurposing the Starcruiser include a much cheaper daytime excursion from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and converting the facility into a traditional hotel experience. The latter seems more unlikely due to significant changes that would need to be made to the building to operate as a conventional hotel.

Carrying a lofty price tag of around $5200 for the two-day, two-night experience, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser launched on March 1, 2022. After stronger-than-expected initial sales, Starcruiser bookings quickly stalled, forcing Disney to look to save costs and boost reservations. The final Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser voyage was September 28-30, 2023.

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ChrisM25 days ago

"From a haulcraft?!"

TrojanUSC30 days ago

Not to mention it works at MK because the park is basically on the second floor. Studios has no such elevation so they couldn't really create a tunnel.

UNCgolfJan 31, 2024

That seems like it would be very expensive (especially since it would have to go through a canal) and they'd be better off just actually developing the whole area leading to it. Not that I think they have any plans to add it to the park.

fgmntJan 31, 2024

and were the building to be substantially retrofitted into a new use, it would also require a capital investment that will depreciate at its own prescribed pace.

flynnibusJan 31, 2024

No - they changed their deprecation schedule for the assets. Basically pulling the deprecation forward for tax advantages now.

LilofanJan 31, 2024

WDW summer temps and humidity is day and night compared to beautiful summer time temps at DLR.

Magicart87Jan 31, 2024

In Orlando?

fgmntJan 31, 2024

IJA in Disneyland also works that way, but that is a <5 minute walk to a headline attraction. We are talking about easily 20 minutes for a healthy single adult.

ChrisFLJan 31, 2024

What about something like the tunnel to get to Space Mountain under the berm, just a lot longer

fgmntJan 30, 2024

The only way I see SWGS benefitting DHS is if they move whoever is left in the offices of Animation building (but does not really need to be within 5 minute walking distance of guest areas) out there into the staterooms. If that happens they might expand the park and open up the two dead ends before the heat death of the universe. Maybe.

SirwalterraleighJan 30, 2024

It still isn’t a thing to set aside new areas for

SoFloMagicJan 30, 2024

I guess you've never stood near the wishing well at magic kingdom. Or outside the back door of connections cafe at epcot

SoFloMagicJan 30, 2024

It'd just be a circle with the word "no"

TheIceBaronJan 30, 2024

Can someone do a pie chart or something that shows how often awning filings turn into anything fun?