More pilings added to EPCOT's World Showcase Lagoon as preparations for new fireworks show continue

Jul 20, 2023 in "Harmonious"

World Showcase Lagoon firework platform construction - July 19 2023
Posted: Thursday July 20, 2023 12:34pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews in EPCOT's World Showcase lagoon are continuing to add more infrastructure to support the all-new fireworks show coming to the park later this year.


Additional pilings have been added, radiating out from the central dock. The pilings will allow a large number of barges to be docked in the lagoon to provide launch points for fireworks and lighting.

Disney has remained tight-lipped on any specific details of the new show, but we expect it to debut before the end of the year, replacing the current EPCOT Forever.

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jrhwdw2 hours ago

Since we're on USF, is it me or does CineS have smaller Pyro(size wise) than CineCele? I realize there can't be a big finale with the Globe Drones....

maxairmike3 hours ago

Just a note, the kind of pyro used in this instance (CineSational) is heavily impacted by the surrounding features and where it’s being launched from. I’m definitely glad they kept Luminous focused on fireworks, though.

Starship8244 hours ago

Not trying to turn this into a CineSational thread, but even though that show is incredible, I'm still glad Disney is doing large pyro heavy shows. They could've easily made this a screen heavy show with drones and minimal pyro and made the average guest happy but I'm glad they went so pyro heavy with this.

Starship8244 hours ago

I think it's because some of lighting and fountains shine through the sides so you wouldn't be able to see them otherwise.

Vinnie Mac9 hours ago

I still wonder why they got rid of this

stuart1 day ago

They did experiment early on with a tarp on a barge (or maybe a couple) of the earth in a dark navy colour and looked as if it was a from an image of the RoE earth barge actually. It certainly hid the guts of the barges.

easyrowrdw1 day ago

Apparently those days are linked to my Epcot park reservations. I’ll try to stay away for the benefit of others. 😂

wdwmagic1 day ago

Yes there are occasional days where they are out, but 29 out of 30, they are not.

Chef idea Mickey`=1 day ago

It obviously is giving the thrill factor that Harmonious was maybe goal idk. The only difference no obstructive permanent eyesoar machine barges and two all the film movie properties fit right at home in the park because entirely the top classic ones originated in this park. That's the difference that hits the heart home that even Luminous is maybe good for what it represents but still doesn't tie into Epcot that Epcot Forver did and Illumination's ROE!*

easyrowrdw1 day ago

It was around 10:30 when I got there. I think I saw them out during the day last month too but my memory might be fuzzy.

wdwmagic1 day ago

That’s unusual. They are typically removed each night.

James Alucobond1 day ago

Let us just count our blessings that they usually go backstage, are centered, and don’t include a massive hoop in the sky.

easyrowrdw1 day ago

The barges were out all day yesterday. They’re not as bad as the previous ones, but they’re still an eyesore. I wish Disney was able to make them more visually appealing when they’re not “performing.” I know the water fountains on the previous ones didn’t do much to hide their appearance.

TTA941 day ago

Let’s hope not. We all know what happens when WDW rushes entertainment and the end result is usually not the greatest, or at least it falls under the “just ok” category. This new parade needs to be well thought through and fall in the “awesome” high popularity category of HEA.