More pilings added to EPCOT's World Showcase Lagoon as preparations for new fireworks show continue

Jul 20, 2023 in "Harmonious"

World Showcase Lagoon firework platform construction - July 19 2023
Posted: Thursday July 20, 2023 12:34pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews in EPCOT's World Showcase lagoon are continuing to add more infrastructure to support the all-new fireworks show coming to the park later this year.


Additional pilings have been added, radiating out from the central dock. The pilings will allow a large number of barges to be docked in the lagoon to provide launch points for fireworks and lighting.

Disney has remained tight-lipped on any specific details of the new show, but we expect it to debut before the end of the year, replacing the current EPCOT Forever.

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TTA942 minutes ago

Hopefully the songs will also be different versions and they will release the full soundtrack like they did with Harmonious. But I don’t think we know yet if the songs will be singing or just instrumental except for the two original songs.

Vinnie Mac13 minutes ago

Mind you, this forum was begging for a traditional simple replacement to Harmonious from the day it debuted

Starship8241 hour ago

I don't know exactly how it works but I've noticed anytime they release a soundtrack from a fireworks show the show is always music that's not directly from the movies, for example in the CD of Once upon a time (Tokyo version) "I see the light" is a cover while in the show it's the version from the movie. They released all of Harmonious but again, those were all different versions. And Wishes and Fantasmic (OG). I suspect updated DHS Fantasmic didn't get a soundtrack release because of this. Although they never officially released Epcot Forever despite it being all new versions of those songs.

sparklejoy2 hours ago

Thank you! So that'll basically mean both Katharine and Shelea sing a new original song, but not the already known songs? Is that how it works?

Starship8242 hours ago

They haven't said but I suspect the two original songs will be on Spotify, I doubt the whole soundtrack will be released.

sparklejoy3 hours ago

Hi, I'm new here so Im sorry if this was already asked/posted, but will the songs of Luminous be released somewhere, like on Spotify? And do we already know which song(s) are performing by Katharine McPhee and/or Shelea? Do they sing more than one song each?

llewmmu4 hours ago

Mi amigos, stop the clucking. You sound like a bunch of old hens.

Disney Analyst4 hours ago

Complains when Disney posts too much, too early, about updates or new things. Timelines feel extra long, and Disney gives too much away. Complain when Disney decides to not post a lot about a new offering, which ultimately makes the timeline feel quicker, and gives little away. Complain that Disney replaced Illuminations, then complain that the newest show (which no one has seen), is not enough of a tech improvement. A tale as old as time…

jrhwdw4 hours ago

Prim. Fireworks never left? Yes, it's wonderful that Luminous is using them but EF 2023 used them the other night.

monothingie4 hours ago

What about the one that ran for 19 years?

monothingie4 hours ago

Just curious if you know how much did Disney write off for Harmoanious?

SaucyBoy4 hours ago

The usual cry babies will sit in this thread and write 10,000 word (or whatever the limit for a post is) comments about how this show is yet another sign that TWDC is dead and dying company, how much they hate their fans, and how they cater to a demographic they hate, and screech and moan about how their lives have been utterly devastated because a multibillion dollar company didn't kiss their lips and give them the treat they think they deserved. Wash, rinse, repeat.

monothingie4 hours ago

When you take something excellent (ROE) and replace it with two turds, then say the third one which follows the same basic formula of the second one is going to be the bestest ever, its okay be be insufferable.

Disney1923-20234 hours ago

AN ORIGINAL SONG, LET ALONE 2, Harmonious and EF didn't have any. LEAVING THE LAGOON EMPTY, better than Harmonious, and perimeter fireworks, better than EF. it is in fact MUCH better than the last 2