PHOTO - EPCOT's Harmonious show platform barges to be used as daytime fountains in World Showcase Lagoon

Nov 20, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious daytime show concept art

Disney has this evening confirmed that the show platform barges that are currently being built for Harmonious will be used for daytime fountains in World Showcase Lagoon.

The huge barges, seen above backstage in the marina, will remain in the World Showcase Lagoon throughout the day, ending the tradition of IllumiNations where the barges were brought out late in the day each night for showtime.

To help disguise their presence, and to bring some kinetic energy to the lagoon, the platforms will use some of their water effects as part of a daytime fountain show.

Also confirmed today is that the central barge with the large 6 story ring will be a water screen, formed with water originating from the ring. Each of the surrounding barges features 25' double sided LCD walls, and across all four perimeter barges there are 54' moving arms.

“Harmonious” will feature massive floating set pieces, custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains, lights, pyrotechnics, lasers and more.

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Article Posted: Nov 20, 2020 / 9:32am ET
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Inspired Figment19 minutes ago

Seems the imagineer in question took a step back and realized his tweet may not have been in the best taste or the best course of action to take towards the show’s reception so far. I genuinely can appreciate & respect that. I just hope from now on, he’ll try to be more humble & the better example considering his position.

Squishy39 minutes ago

What did the tweet say?

Gringrinngghost1 hour ago


stu19011 hour ago

What was said in this Twitter spat?

egg1 hour ago

When our Spirit @WDW1974 returns you know shit hit the fan! Welcome back 🙂

egg1 hour ago

A surprising lack of maturity on display here! All I’ll say is, someone losing their job over a bad decision and bad attitude in response to customers isn’t cancel culture. That’s getting fired because they suck at their job.

UNCgolf1 hour ago

That's not how I read the tweet. It may be what he meant, but if so, he could have communicated better. It read (at least to me) like he was saying anyone complaining about the barges period is laughable and that there's absolutely nothing wrong with them. The telephoto shots are definitely part of it, but the second more accurate photo he used still looks terrible. I say more accurate rather than just accurate because a standard photo generally has the opposite problem from a telephoto shot in that it makes everything look smaller than it does in real life. Certainly not to the extent that a telephoto lens enlarges and compresses, though.

trainplane32 hours ago

By going to guest relations and filing a complaint. Not by bullying someone on the internet. While it is extremely bad show and unprofessional having someone involved with a project laughing at the fanbase, divebombing them on social media isn't the right answer.

creathir2 hours ago

Chris is not just calling out the telephoto comparison, he is being outright dismissive of the entire concern. Unless you have some other knowledge the rest of us do not, the tweet alone does not indicate otherwise. I have no idea if Chris is involved in the decisions surrounding these barges, but if he was, yes, he should be fired. Along with anyone else who is making such terrible decisions. I don’t wish I’ll will on anyone, but WDI should be held to a standard far above what they have been exhibiting as of late.

TalkingHead2 hours ago

Ego, pure and simple. The modern WDI mantra is “no one can touch us,” no matter how delusional that is.

TalkingHead2 hours ago

Do you think his tweet was disrespectful to paying customers?

MisterPenguin2 hours ago

I think it sums up what's wrong with Disney fandom in that their telephoto malarkey is called out and they have a cow over it.

ptaylor2 hours ago

This sums up everything that is wrong with the current WDI and likely the future generation of Imagineers. Clueless.

Inspired Figment3 hours ago

I honestly don’t want anybody fired. What I do believe however is that it’s wiser to be the better example and be humble rather than only make the PR worse by laughing at or mocking the fan response. He’s in a higher position & is supposed to represent Disney’s class & professionalism. Why doesn’t he just not say anything & wait for the final response when the final show has debuted?