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Disney's Magical Express

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Disney's Magical Express comes to an end tomorrow - what you need to know
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Disney Magical Express alternative Mears Connect is now accepting bookings for Walt Disney World airport transfers
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With Disney's Magical Express, guests of Disney hotels check their bags at their hometown airport, bypass baggage claim at Orlando International Airport (OIA) and board state-of-the-art motor coaches to Walt Disney World Resort -- while their bags are delivered directly to their resort room -- after check-in. The complimentary round-trip service between Orlando International Airport and Disney hotels is designed to give Disney hotel guests the stress-free vacation they want. 

Participating airlines currently offering this additional service are:
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • AirTran Airways
  • Continental
  • Delta Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest (Southwest Airline Check-In Service is not available at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort at this time)
  • United
  • US Airways

Disney's Magical Express step-by-step
(Thanks to JPVondrake)


  • Before you leave home, you tag all your checked luggage with bag tags provided in your "Disney's Magical Express Welcome Package" that will arrive about 10-15 days prior to your arrival. (you get 2 tags per person, the maximum allowed baggage on domestic flights)
  • Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport and pass through security you will be greeted by a Disney Cast Member.
  • The Cast Member will escort you to the Disney Welcome Center at the Airport to register your family and then its on to your motorcoach. (NOTE: you don't go to baggage claim at all regardless of the airline you choose)
  • The motorcoach will make up to 4 stops (max) at Disney Resort Hotels. During the way, you will be entertained by a video presentation.
  • Once you arrive at your Disney Resort Hotel you disembark the motorcoach, and check-in at the front desk of your resort and get your resort IDs (Key to the World Cards)
  • If your accommodations are ready you will be given your room assignment, otherwise feel free to drop off any carry-ons you have with bell service and start having fun in the parks!
  • When you go to your room your checked baggage and carry-on items will be waiting for you in your room.
  • Estimated time from Airport to Front Desk? 45 mins or less.
  • Estimated time for your bags to arrive? In most cases the bags will beat you to your room.


  • The day before you check-out you will find a card in your room with your Magical Express departure time. This departure time will be about 2 hours, 45 minutes before your flight time.
  • *** If you are flying on Delta, Song, Continential, American Airlines, United Airlines, or Ted, bring your baggage to the lobby, and get your boarding pass and check your luggage in the lobby at the Airline Check-In Desk when you check out of your room. If you flying with any other airline simply skip this step.
  • At the scheduled time, be in the lobby with your baggage and/or carry-ons to board the Motorcoach.
  • The motorcoach will make up to 3 other stops (max) at Disney Resort Hotels before heading for the airport. On the journey back you will again watch an entertaining video presentation.
  • Once you arrive at the airport, get your boarding pass and check your luggage (if you need to), then go through security and then on to your flight home, thinking about all the great memories you have made.

If you are on an international flight and Orlando is your first port of entry you and your luggage will need to go through customs first. After customs, return your baggage to the airport and Disney will claim your luggage to deliver to your Resort room.

If your flight changes anytime before you disambark, contact the Disney Reservation Center to update your flight information. If your departure flight changes once you arrive, contact the resort front desk to update your flight information.

If you flight is delayed for any reason, Disney is watching your flight status and will reschedule your Motorcoach assignment as to not delay your transfer once you do make it to Orlando.

If your luggage is delayed or lost, Disney will assist you in filing any claims with the airport.