PHOTOS - Morocco pavilion restrooms now closed for refurbishment

Jan 18, 2021 in "Morocco (Pavilion)"

Morocco Pavilion restrooms refurbishment - January 18 2021

With the new restrooms now open in the France pavilion as part of the Ratatouille expansion, the restrooms in the Morocco pavilion are now closed.

With Disney now taking over control of the pavilion after the third party operator pulled out, a number of changes have already been made, and more are planned. So far we have seen changes to Spice Road Table and the merchandise offerings long the lagoon side.

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Article Posted: Jan 18, 2021 / 2:34pm ET
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peter114355 hours ago

It wasn’t the Nation of Morocco that left.

JohnD6 hours ago

I walked through tonight before park closing. It was sad, shadow of its former self. No shops in the back were open. I can’t blame the Nation of Morocco if they had to get out. But now, under Disney, it’s looking sad.

dreday314 days ago

I think that looks fantastic. Much better.

castlecake2.014 days ago

It’s note likely that this pavilion will be replaced with a different country just because Disney took control. Disney already fully operates 5 other pavilions and never replaced those ones.

Disney Maddux15 days ago

I can see them putting Brazil here later down the line (if those plans are still a go).

castlecake2.019 days ago

Interesting that these little details keep being added. This pavilion is getting a lot more attention than most of the others.

MisterPenguin20 days ago

From the before times...

wdwmagic20 days ago

This was a before image from December 2020

MisterPenguin20 days ago

They moved the hidden Mickey. But, at least it's still there.

wdwmagic20 days ago

This was done a couple of weeks ago but I didnt get around to post pics. Some new theming details on the blue doors.

Prototype8221 days ago

I miss that garden with the charming waterwheel irrigation system.

GrandCanyonConcourse22 days ago

Ever eaten there? Great food

The Empress Lilly22 days ago

Beats the current kinda bar

GrandCanyonConcourse22 days ago

Eh kinda bare