PHOTOS - Morocco pavilion restrooms now closed for refurbishment

Jan 18, 2021 in "Morocco (Pavilion)"

Morocco Pavilion restrooms refurbishment - January 18 2021
Posted: Monday January 18, 2021 2:34pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the new restrooms now open in the France pavilion as part of the Ratatouille expansion, the restrooms in the Morocco pavilion are now closed.

With Disney now taking over control of the pavilion after the third party operator pulled out, a number of changes have already been made, and more are planned. So far we have seen changes to Spice Road Table and the merchandise offerings long the lagoon side.

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Prototype8223 hours ago

Yikes about the cast. I have wanted to try the bites but I've heard it's a ghost of its former self. Would love a new market back there... Something new that would financially be a success.

castlecake2.023 hours ago

They do have a a sangria cart back there with some snacks, staffed by someone from American Adventure las time I was there. It felt kinda sad and lacklustre though.

Prototype8223 hours ago

It looks like it's getting really close. I love where the "masonry" is going. I just wish they would put a food market in that medina to pull some traffic and life back there...

castlecake2.01 day ago

Hopefully this refurbishment wraps up quickly and the shrub wall goes away because epcot is a mess today and people need more places to go

MisterPenguin1 day ago

My friend and I loved it as it was. It was our top choice for an Epcot TS meal.

Snow Queen 831 day ago

It would be nice if they fixed the Marrakesh table service. It has never been a fan favorite, so might as well tinker.

Figgy18 days ago

The food was good enough my boys waited until after the meal to notice Mo Rockin or the belly dancer.

Naplesgolfer9 days ago

I hope Marrakesh comes back in similar form to years past. The food was good and atmosphere/staff felt authentic. We need more of this in Epcot.

Lilofan9 days ago

I missed Tangerine. Sitting there admiring and enjoying Mo Rockin and the beautiful belly dancer.

castlecake2.09 days ago

It looks like Tangerine Café will be returning for food and wine fest

DoleWhipDrea9 days ago


TikibirdLand11 days ago

You got me thinking about desert parties and cupcakes in the mist. Suddenly, MacArthur Park is playing in my head. Thanks a lot!

Phicinfan11 days ago

THIS - this is the true miss by EPCOT Planners - take the friendship boats, run them by the Harmonious fountains to recreate the Maid of the Mists type feel up in Niagara falls!!! WHOOOT - new attraction at EPCOT - You are welcome!