PHOTOS - First phase of the Ratatouille expansion opens at the France pavilion

Jan 18, 2021 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

First phase of the France pavilion expansion opens to guests
Posted: Monday January 18, 2021 10:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT this morning welcomed the first guests into the new Ratatouille area - at least as far as the restrooms.

Guests are now able to walk along the street that leads into the new area.

Click on the video below for a walk-through of the new area.

The new bathrooms are open, which is partly due to the bathrooms in the nearby Morocco pavilion now being closed for refurbishment.

A large construction walls prevents guests from venturing any further into the new area.

Click on the gallery for more pictures.

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J45464 days ago

I hear ya, but they also added star wars land and toy story land to DHS as well. They put in a lot of work at DHS recently and theres still alot more to do, but everything takes time and steps. Now DHS is a much better overall park imo but I still consider it the weakest of the 4 in FL and hopefully they will announce another big change at DHS soon. (cmon massive indiana jones expansion) Anyways, Im just more of an optimist with this stuff I suppose. Im also pro-PatF retheme at DL as well

UNCgolf4 days ago

I edited while you were responding, but I'll repeat it here -- sure, MMRR is actually pretty good, but since it replaced a classic attraction it didn't really add anything to DHS. It would be a lot easier to look at it as a great use of money if it was built as a new addition to add capacity to the park. Instead they spent money without actually doing anything to actually make guests need to spend more time at the park (just with regards to MMRR, that is).

J45464 days ago

I wouldnt say its mostly mediocre, but those are opinions so I cant say youre wrong. But IMO, Star wars land is good (not great) Avengers land looks like a cool addition to me esp considering what it replaced, Toy Story land is meh I agree but its literally built to cater to and with rides for 6-10 year olds, MMRR is great, GotG Coaster will probably be amazing, Tron is cool, Space 220 looks amazing, and remi looks pretty good....So far Disney is doing pretty good imo, but yours may differ and thats cool. And about what theyre charging, yeah its a lot I agree, But Its for a first class theme park experience. Its also for a polite and cheerful and fully staffed park thats kept clean, and also as "elitist" as this may sound (btw Im poor and live in a studio apt in koreatown with no parking) but having a high price point does keep alot of annoying shi**y people out of the park. For how many times Ive been to cheaper parks and have heard loud cussing and racial slurs being yelled by loud annoying groups of idiots, Ill pay extra to not experience that annoyance.

UNCgolf4 days ago

The problem is that they're spending a bunch of money on mostly (notice I didn't say all) mediocre to bad stuff that's often worse than what it replaced -- along with the fact that it's mostly replacements instead of actual new additions in general. For example, MMRR is one of the better things they've built, but it didn't really add much to the park because it replaced an existing classic instead of going in as a new build. You can't complain too much about them spending money (although you can complain some considering how much they're charging), but you can certainly complain about what they're spending it on.

marni19714 days ago

Take those combined budgets and compare to what P&R made over the last seven years. Given the price of admission it’s the least the guest should be getting. Then shave at least 1/3 off the budget for what they should have cost. There’s also the discussion of design choice and budget allocation but that’s another story being had elsewhere.

EricsBiscuit4 days ago

WDW is run by incompetent people who are out of touch. This ride should have opened last year.

J45464 days ago

yes it is, and you cant blame them. They have billions of dollars being spent right now on park improvement and covid screwed up their budget and they have to move money around to make things work. Its crazy to me that right now (+/-2years) disney is building more new stuff than ever and people are still upset lol. New Star Wars Lands, Avengers Land, Toy Story Land, MMRR, Gotg Coaster, Tron Coaster, Space 220, Remi, and so much more. And thats just in USA. Many BIllions are beings spent in Paris/China/Tokyo as well We are in a period of growth that is insane and people should feel lucky instead of entitled

kinglsyyy4 days ago

It has been clear for sometime Disney cares more about $$ I was so hopefull for all the attractions they could have had for us in early 2021. But they decided to slow rolling everything instead. And its cleary about money and nothing to do with Covid.

Giss Neric4 days ago

Is there a way Disney could do the same and do surprised softs for Ratatouille even by summer? More CMs are coming back. DCP is coming back. October is far too long for a complete ride. The strategies of Universal are really working cause they basically have the upper hand now. Surprise soft opening weeks before the intended opening is amazing especially if I'm there expecting it to open next month but I'm all of a sudden being able to ride it.

jinx84024 days ago

Universal is out here soft opening velocicoaster and Disney is mothballing this to October just so they can say they have a new ride for the 50th

EricsBiscuit19 days ago

Different kinda speed

gerarar26 days ago

Original Concept Artist for the expansion:

WondersOfLife30 days ago

"What screams fast and furious?" "......Party bus."

DisneyDean9730 days ago

Maybe if the ride system was like Test Track, or hell, even something like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. F&F show building is nearly double the size of RnRC show building (not counting the long launch tunnel), they could definitely fit a sizable GOOD attraction in there.