PHOTOS - A look at the updated Disney operated locations in the Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT

Dec 14, 2020 in "Morocco (Pavilion)"

Updates to Spice Road Table and Gifts of Morocco
Posted: Monday December 14, 2020 12:23pm by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's Spice Road Table has reopened and is now operated by Disney as the third-party operating participant withdraws from the park.

Along with some new paint and a light refresh at the end of last week, the restaurant has reopened with an updated menu.

Small plate options remain, including Hummus Fries, Tiropitakia and Fried Calamari. Spice Road Table is now more of a lounge experience, offering no main entree dishes and will be walk-up only with no reservations available.

The Souk-Al-Magreb store has also reopened, carrying a range of Morrocan clothing and Disney Aladdin merchandise.

As we have seen at the other pavilions, the store is being operated by local Cast Members.

Finally, the dessert window is also back open and continues to offer Morocco pastries and beverages.

Elsewhere in the pavilion, all other food & beverage and merchandise remains closed. The Race Against the Sun Gallery and Kidcot remains open, and you can of course walk around the pavilion.

Click the gallery to see more pictures from Morocco's reopening at EPCOT.

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant LLC, which was the operator of the pavilion's dining and merchandise locations, struggled during the COVID-19 shutdown and subsequent phased reopening. In particular, the Tangierine Cafe closed shortly after its reopening.

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larryzDec 16, 2020

That's basically how Wal-Marts operate and they seem to be doing fine. I thought Wal-Marts operated on the bizzare principle, rather than the bazaar principle...

UNCgolfDec 16, 2020

That's basically how Wal-Marts operate and they seem to be doing fine.

TrainChasersDec 16, 2020

Have you visited Galaxies Edge?

jaklgreenDec 16, 2020

But we are in America. I am sure the Bazaar approach works great there. Not so much here. Nothing wrong with that, just different.

UNCgolfDec 15, 2020

I wasn't complaining -- Disney is serving the same type of food Spice Road Table served under the previous management. Can't blame them for making a negative change because there hasn't really been a change.

_calebDec 15, 2020

There's not always a huge difference.

_calebDec 15, 2020

Yeah- other cultures know nothing about selling stuff!

TrainChasersDec 15, 2020

Spice Road wasn’t supposed to be historic Morroco was it? It always seemed like it was supposed to represent modern.

MisterPenguinDec 15, 2020

It's still just lounge food. They haven't even opened up full meal kitchens yet. When they open Marrakesh and they serve French fries, I'll pick up my pitchfork and join your mob.

UNCgolfDec 15, 2020

Indeed. It's Mediterranean but not Moroccan. At least Restaurant Marrakesh had some more authentic dishes like couscous.

FlynnwriterDec 15, 2020

Disagree. I travel all the time. Each country has a wealth of specific merchandise that would appeal to the Epcot shopper AND support the culture of each country. Disney World retail has been homogenized and made to resemble a KOHLS. Chapek wants to dumb down and simplify retail so there are less items and everything supports an IP. This is a disaster for the park stores.

jaklgreenDec 15, 2020

They need to bottle and sell the harissa sauce that they use in Restaurant Marrakesh.

LittleBufordDec 15, 2020

Egypt has zabadi, which is a version of tzaziki, but that’s at the other end of North Africa. There’s nothing particularly Moroccan about either the previous menu or the current one.

jaklgreenDec 15, 2020

Yep! I don't like clutter. LOL Plus anyone who has ever worked in retail knows that you sell more when things are organized.