Latest look at EPCOT's Morocco Pavilion refurbishment

May 08, 2023 in "Morocco (Pavilion)"

Morocco Pavilion roof refurbishment - May 2023
Posted: Monday May 8, 2023 9:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The refurbishment of the Morocco pavilion continues in EPCOT's World Showcase.

Sections of the roofline through the pavilion are behind scrims, with some areas visible and waiting for paint.


A couple of high-reach lifts are staged in the pavilion for the work being done after park close.

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Eric Graham21 days ago

Ill have to look him up on youtube...never heard of him...thanks!

Jambo Dad21 days ago

Warren Zevon is one of the best ever.

nickys22 days ago

The company who were running it when Covid caused the parks to shut went bust.

Chef idea Mickey`=22 days ago

The company who operated went bust? I thought it was the country backing out, but that seems not to make sense since the Morocco Pavilion is the most authentic built by them which they would be proud of to continue. If it's all to do with one of the run companies can't Morocco have another run it?

CntrlFlPete23 days ago

well, some other country star had a pretty big hit covering 'Lawyers, Guns, and Money' so I imagine it makes sense to tap into his works ;)

TrainsOfDisney23 days ago

Eh… that seems to be a very one-sided way of telling that haha. Ideally, Disney would see the value in having the countries represented well. Compare the shops of China and Japan to Canada for example.

Eric Graham24 days ago

Didn't realize it was a cover...those crazy Canadians :p

CntrlFlPete24 days ago

sorry, Warren Zevon fan, seems she changed a couple of words when she covered it

Disstevefan124 days ago

We know that before the pandemic, the Morocco pavilion was leased to outside tenants and Disney kicked them out for not paying the rent when they were forced to close because of the pandemic. I we loved their counter service. We thought it was the best counter service in EPCOT and we loved the sit down there too. Anyway, I wonder if the construction is a sign there are new tenants or got the original tenants back?

Eric Graham24 days ago

Was thinking of the Terri Clark song.

LittleBuford24 days ago

You’re absolutely right. As someone who hails from the other end of the Mediterranean and grew up eating food very similar to Greek, I can confirm that Moroccan cuisine is very different, which is hardly surprising given the distance involved (there are as many miles between Greece and Morocco as there are between the UK and Russia).

CntrlFlPete24 days ago

if you met her in West Hollywood, someone beat you to it.

JohnD24 days ago

Can't believe I was there Tuesday a week ago. We ate at Spice Road Table because a friend of mine loves Mediterranean food. We loved it!

Eric Graham24 days ago

My wife was going to make homemade lasagna this weekend but she has since lamented. Poor Poor Pitiful Me. Hmm Maybe there's a song in that...Who Knows :p