Epcot's Habit Heroes now permanently closed at Innoventions

Jan 21, 2016 in "Innoventions"

Posted: Thursday January 21, 2016 12:54pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Innoventions has lost another exhibit with the closure of Habit Heroes, leaving just three experiences available for guests.

The health and wellness exhibit at Innoventions East opened in February 2012 and immediately faced difficulties with its portrayal of the overweight.

After just over a week of operation, the attraction was closed for a rework, reopening in early 2013. The buff action figures, Will Power and Callie Scenics, who fought chubby animated villains including Lead Bottom and Snacker were removed, and the storyline rewritten.

Habit Heroes closure leaves just Storm Struck, The Sum of All Thrills and the recently opened Colortopia operating at Innoventions East.

Innoventions West saw all of its activities closed in April 2015, with some off that space now being used for character meet and greets.

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RSoxNo1Jan 27, 2016

Was the 16th the last day of operation or was the 17th?

Kevin_WJan 25, 2016

that is the one thing I remember from Comminicore as a child. thanks for posting.

JWGJan 25, 2016

I wonder how long of a deal was struck for Colortopia? The only two things left in there of interest are Colortopia and Sum of all Thrills (yes, there's a 3rd weather related thing). But Colortopia is pretty new. Innoventions has become such a waste. And Baymax must be a temporary fix because the walls to "hide" the rest of Innoventions over there are pretty bad. I'm going to assume there's a plan for this whole area that includes waiting out contracts with the final tenants. It makes me feel better to assume this isn't just another abandoned area of Epcot.

EOD K9Jan 25, 2016

HinwillJan 24, 2016

We did this for the first time this past year. The kids loved it and the different games were fun. I was hoping it would be around the next time we went in order for the little one to participate. Oh well

MaerjJan 24, 2016

This is probably the best idea right here!

marni1971Jan 24, 2016

Sadly they used to have such a theatre. But they thought they needed even more store space.

michmousefanJan 24, 2016

I'd love to see them do something out of the box like create a theater for presentations like TED talks - four or five of them a day on engineering/energy/space topics. Such a theater wouldn't be that expensive, but as @marni1971 points out they don't seem to have a rudder in the water, budgetary or otherwise, that's steering Epcot anywhere right now (except perhaps to Arendelle). I understand a theater with science-based topics probably skews too close to the original education-edutainment theme that the Walmart crowd doesn't want to see. Still, I can dream.

WendyGirl1979Jan 24, 2016

Can't speak for the OP, but I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to the Harry Potter stuff as not my thing. I thought it sounded like a good idea, now I guess it's proven as such? Saw the pic somewhere. You know what this means, Disney- I expect to see walls up by April at the latest!

the.dreamfinderJan 24, 2016

Speaking of HP... did you guys notice they no longer are the sponsor for Mission:SPACE?

BritrepeaterJan 23, 2016

I guess times do change we spent hours in the different pavilions in 1998. Couldn't wait to take the kids in 2008 a lot of the interactive stuff was still there but it seemed busier and queues everywhere. Last year there seems very very little to do, and nothing new?

*Q*Jan 23, 2016

When can I buy the Blu-ray?

ford91exploderJan 23, 2016

One wonders whether Disney's incompetence with technology has anything to do with that, Websites that crash and can't handle design loads etc, When Apple, Microsoft, Google or Tesla's sites go down it's on the 6 o clock news, When Disney's sites go down it's 'Oh Disney's down again how long THIS time' and it's only noted on fan sites like this one.

ford91exploderJan 23, 2016

THIS the exploration element in the early days of EPCOT was what made it cool it was not about the specific exhibits but how you could interact with most of them.