A look at Innoventions newest exhibit - Habit Heroes

Feb 02, 2012 in "Innoventions"

Innoventions newest exhibit, Habit Heroes opened yesterday for some testing before it officially opens this weekend.  We got to experience it during the test, so here is our run-down of what you can expect.

Sponsored by Florida Blue, the exhibit is built around educating guests about kicking some unhealthy habits, and improving health and fitness.  The exhibit starts off with a queue area, set outside of an old-school gym called "Will Power's Gymnasium".  There is actually some really nice details here, more than you would expect from an Innoventions exhibit.  From here, you move inside the actual gym, which serves as the pre-show area.  Again, some really nice detail here, with all kinds of trophies and old-time gym equipment on display.  Infront is a large video screen, which uses on-screen actors to brief you on what is ahead.  The two hosts tell us that we have some habits that we need to get rid of to live better and feel healthier, and we're going to achieve it together as a team. 

Spoilers Below

Leaving the gym, guests move into the first challenge room - which is all about reducing TV watching.  The room is circular, and has around 16 or so control panels around the edge.  On each control panel are four color coded buttons.  TV screens begin to fall from the sky, and guests must hit the corresponding colored button to destroy the TVs as they fall from the sky.  It gets quite hectic, and they even throw in some multi colors which require multiple button presses.  It is a team game, so there can be multiple players per control panel, and multiple teams.  The control interface is similar to the game system installed in the Space Mountain queue area.

Next up is the food challenge.  This room features 2 large video screens in parallel, and lined up infront of each screen are Toy Story Mania style blasters.  The object here is to blast bad foods (such as fries and soft drinks) with healthy foods.  Guests have controls to throw carrots or broccoli, using the familiar spring action shooter.  It is not 3D, but is still fun to play.

The final challenge is the exercise room.  Here guests must move their bodies in time with the on-screen fitness coaches to move the animated character on-screen.  The better the moves, the more the character moves.  This one is quite physical!  The game system uses something similar to the multiplayer game system from the queue of Soarin.

Some post show kiosks after the games are available which allow guests to register to play further challenges from home on the website at http://www.habitheroes.com/

This exhibit is a great new addition to Innoventions and well worth your time checking out.  It is certainly one of the most elaborate, and uses a number of fun game systems, and should occupy about 15 to 20 minutes.  It is something that an entire family can do together, and hopefully the educational message of healthy living is carried over.  You can find the exhibit in Innoventions East, just opposite the Sum of All Thrills, and it is set to officially open by this weekend, with testing taking place now.

Article Posted: Feb 02, 2012 / 10:25am EST