PHOTOS - BAYMAX now appearing at newly expanded Epcot Character Spot

Dec 18, 2015 in "Character Spot"

BAYMAX at newly expanded Character Spot
Posted: Friday December 18, 2015 9:17am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Character Spot welcomes BAYMAX to the lineup in a newly expanded space in Future World.

Using part of the former Innoventions West exhibit, you can now meet BAYMAX daily from park open.

Mickey and the gang continue to meet and greet at the original Character Spot across the breezeway.

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YodaManMay 14, 2016

^this. Instagram shows that Darth Vader was back at Launch Bay this morning and this morning only for a convention. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing had just happened with Hiro.

CedricQuagmireMay 14, 2016

I just checked with someone. It's definitely Epcot. The background is different than DHS.

BoltMay 14, 2016

Hiro can be used for park buyouts/conditions so it could be from there.

Matt_BlackMay 14, 2016

I'm pretty sure that's from when they were meeting at DHS.

CedricQuagmireMay 14, 2016

I saw a photo of this on the internet. It looks like Epcot. Is Hiro coming back?! Cause that would be great. Baymax barely interacts.

Matt_BlackJan 03, 2016

The top is a little baggy; in the movie, the outfit looks very sleek with the jacket acting as a sort of cape. Otherwise, though, the it's not bad.

MicksMomJan 03, 2016

My CM friend is in Paris with the WDW CM group. I believe the PC goes to @DisneyMoi (Disney-Me)'s Twitter account.

Matt_BlackJan 03, 2016

It's especially confusing because Big Hero 6 is now the third most successful feature from WDAS, after Frozen and the Lion King, respectively.

FrankLapidusJan 03, 2016

Agree completely, Frozen was obviously the phenomenon at WDAS in recent years but, as much as I did like it, Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph were both better films in pretty much every area for me. Watching them for the first time I couldn't help thinking that both lend themselves really well to possible theme park attractions, unfortunately Disney don't appear to think the same for whatever reason. I know some don't like characters in Epcot but Baymax fits like a glove, he could have been created as an Epcot mascot he fits so well thematically. Its just a case of Disney wanting to take advantage of that rather than simply settling on using him for a M&G.

Matt_BlackJan 03, 2016

Yes. It certainly helps that the film overall was just mindblowing. While many Disney films have death, I can't think of any that have taken a good hard look at the grieving process.

FrankLapidusJan 03, 2016

Absolutely, from what I can recall about "soft robotics" it is being developed to help areas of medical treatment. I think Baymax is a very appealing character, I loved Big Hero 6 and thought he was a highlight, but he's also very much grounded in and inspired by real-life technological curiosity and innovation. He's perfect for Epcot IMO.

Matt_BlackJan 03, 2016

Alternatively, he could host about breakthroughs in medical treatment and technology.

FrankLapidusJan 03, 2016

I'd say he does, or at least could if Epcot used him to promote the recent innovations in "soft robotics". Thematically I think he's a great fit for the park, if they want to offer educational opportunities alongside entertainment than he'd be perfect for an exhibit looking at advancements being made in the robotics field.

Matt_BlackJan 03, 2016

I'd switch out the Black Hole robots for Carl from Meet the Robinsons. Quite possibly the only Harlan Williams character that I liked instead of wanted to punch in the face.