Future World, Epcot

Innoventions exhibits the latest technology and products from companies around the world. The exhibits are located in two buildings in Epcot's Future World, Innoventions East and Innoventions West.
  • Main Details

  • Park Epcot
  • Land Future World
  • Type Interactive Exhibit
  • Operates Reduced Hours
  • Important Dates

  • Grand Opening Jul 1 1994
  • Queue Details

  • FastPass+
  • Indoor Queue
  • Outdoor Queue
  • Comfort Level High
  • Restrictions

  • Accessibility May Remain in Wheelchair/ECV
  • Extra Magic Hours

  • Morning EMH
  • Evening EMH

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Innoventions East

StormStruck: A Tale of Two Homes 
This exhibit will take guests through the "perfect storm" which enables them to understand weather perils, storm mitigation and preparation. As guests prepare to enter the theater and experience the "perfect storm" they will watch a video hosted by "The Weather Channel's" Jim Cantore. He discusses the important work being done in the field of storm mitigation and home safety preparation. At the completion of the presentation, guests enter a theater and prepare to experience a 4-D storm. Guests are able to watch as a storm builds and unleashes its fury on "their neighborhood". Special effects will allow guests to experience the wind, water and destruction that can come with severe weather. After the storm has completed, a host will assist guests in rebuilding "their virtual home" to survive a future storm. At the completion of the experience they have the ability to participate in three additional activities that will raise their weather awareness IQ. 

Habit Heroes
Presented by Florida Blue and Anthem® Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Ready, set, go—the time to turn into a Habit Hero is now! Team up with Quench, Dynamo and Fuel for a series of interactive adventures, and transform the world into a happier, healthier place. Try to “Master the Moves”, then “Team Up” to “Save the World” as you learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Don't Waste It presented by Waste Management Corporation - Closed
"Don't Waste It" features interactive games that challenge guests to recycle, reduce, recover and reuse "virtual waste" to create energy that fuel our homes and communities. In "Sort it Out" guests load their digitized trash onto a virtual conveyor belt and sort out the recyclable plastic, paper, metal and glass. During "Fuel the Burn" guests simulate working in a waste-to-energy plant to create electricity to power a community. Guests work together to keep virtual furnaces burning at the optimal temperature to create electricity. In "Landfill Up" guests work together to create a new environment by building and rehabilitating a landfill area. At the end of the experience guests will see the total amount of energy and electricity they created with their trash. 

The Sum of All Thrills presented by Raytheon Company 
Design and experience your own thrilling ride using Kuka Robot arm. Photos and video.

The House of Innoventions - Closed
Breakthrough technology brings online entertainment and other Internet content into everyday devices and appliances in "The House of Innoventions." The House of Innoventions is a tour that's filled with innovative products that provide added comfort, security, convenience, entertainment and overall control to our homes and our lives. 

Test the Limits Lab presented by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. - Closed
Get a glimpse into the world of safety testing and experience a safety laboratory that's "powered by kids of all ages." Based on some of the same tests that UL engineers conduct in their jobs everyday, the experience features five different interactive labs; the Slam Lab, the Torture Lab, the Shatter Lab, the Drop Lab, and the Impact Lab. From slamming doors to shattering TV tubes, guests will have fun as they discover the rigors of safety testing and why it's so important. 

Environmentality Corner - Closed
Learn important facts on how to preserve our planet and natural resources at this interactive experience. Understand what you can do to preserve the environment, while children of all ages enjoy learning how to make paper and even create and decorate their own paper sample to take home.

Innoventions West (Closed April 30 2015)

"Where's the Fire?" presented by Liberty Mutual - Closed
The "Where's the Fire?" interactive game house challenges guests to find and eliminate home fire hazards. In addition to the game the exhibit also includes a smaller scale version of the home for younger guests and touch screen kiosks with a challenging fire safety quiz. A newly added photo capture station allows guests of all ages to email backhome a photo of them as a "Where's the Fire?" firefignter. The exhibit consists of 5 distinct areas each addressing fire safety and the importance of fire prevention. These areas include: "Where's the Fire?" game house, "Play it Safe" house for younger guests, "Burning Questions" fire safety quiz kiosks, a photo capture station and a 30 foot fire truck.

ThinkPlace presented by IBM - Closed
IBM's commitment to technical leadership has led to amazing breakthroughs that have changed the way we all live, work and play. Now you can play in a different way at Run Time at ThinkPlace - where IBM puts you right in the game! Guests create an avatar of themselves and are able to jump, run and dance their way through a video game. The game highlights IBM's technological history while entertaining guests with various twists and turns.

Slapstick Studios presented by The Velcro Companies - Closed
"Slapstick Studios" is designed to showcase the many uses of Velcro branded products through an entertaining look at the company and product history, a comedy game show entitled "What's Your Problem?" and creative solutions gallery. "What's Your Problem", a high paced, interactive game show, invites guests from the audience to take part in finding creative solutions to many common fastening dilemmas. Guests are asked to spin whe "Wheel of Seemingly Insurmountable Problems" and they have 60 seconds to solve the problem using props made with Velcro brand products. After the game show, guests visit the gallery and can experience seldom seen uses of hook and loop fasteners - such as automotive applications, space program applications, medical devices, recreational equipment and defense and safety devices. In addition, the artist in you can created your own "Velcro Masterpiece" to take home. 

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure presented by T Rowe Price - Closed
Watch your piggy bank grow as you learn how to save and invest for your future dreams! An extreme vacation, the ultimate bedroom makeover, retirement and college education all have one thing in common - they're not cheap. But thanks to T. Rowe Price and a cute porcelain piggy, Epcot Guests of all ages can learn about four key financial themes: setting goals, saving and spending smartly, staying ahead of inflation and diversifying investments.

Rockin' Robots presented by KUKA - Closed
Join Cicerob, Herbot, Delbot and Norbot as these robots make their own kind of music. Robots aren't just used in manufacturing or science fiction movies anymore. They are a part of our daily lives and this exhibit offers guests the opportunity to conduct these 4 robots and create unique music with a beat! Guests direct four large robotic arms to play a variety of percussion and timpani - everything from metal chimes, gongs, organ pipes and cymbals to wooden crates and car horns. An informational kiosk allows guests to discover how robotics are being used today in transportation, packaging, manufacturing and entertainment.

Segway Central - Closed
Discover the world's first self-balancing, electric powered personal transportation device, the Segway Personal Transporter (PT)! Featuring advanced technology that uses five gyroscopes, two tilt sensors and ten microprocessors, the Segway PT is an innovative invention that allows people to cover more ground, be more productive, and move more intelligently anywhere people walk. You've heard about it, but now you can see this innovative short-distance transportation technology firsthand at Innoventions as cast members demonstrate the cutting-edge alternative to walking. Interested guests can also experience the Segway PT firsthand in a short demonstration and riding experience.

Innoventions Playground - Closed
Compete against your favorite sports teams, challenge a villain to a duel or experience action-packed adventures with your favorite Disney characters as guests are given the opportunity to experience the latest games and gaming technology. This playground features gaming kiosks and a variety of activities sure to engage the entire family as they challenge their knowledge and skill.