Epcot's Sum of All Thrills and Storm Struck to close in September

Aug 12, 2016 in "The Sum of All Thrills"

Posted: Friday August 12, 2016 4:59pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

More attraction are set to close at Epcot's Innoventions East.

Both The Sum of All Thrills and Storm Struck are closing September 14 2016. 

The Sum of All Thrills simulator allows guests to create a thrill ride and take it for a spin on the end of a robotic arm. The attraction is low capacity, but has been the main draw to Innoventions East since it opened in late 2009.

Storm Struck, presented by FLASH which opened in August 2008, is a severe weather experience that educates on how to prevent storm damage around the home. 

With these upcoming closures, it will leave Colortopia as the only exhibit. Innoventions West closed completely in April 2015, and has since become an expanded character meet and greet area.

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Seabasealpha1Sep 15, 2016

Agreed also. I'm just saying that yes, UoE needs a replacement. Does it need franchises planted in it? No. We're talking about the death of a second park (which, some would say is already deceased) that would be ushered in by planting Marvel's crap in FW. So, if I personally had to choose which attraction would need the treatment, I'm sorry to say the tower gets it. We'll just have to see what actually happens. Maybe they can find a way to get GotG to fit within FW. Then again...the current regime seems keen on murdering anything sacred. Here soon, they'll be stuffing their own Grandmothers and opening a museum that you pay $75 to visit...and there will be a dining plan for an additional $125. But don't worry, Carl from UP will be there to do meet and greets with your kids! Oh and by the way, FROZEN FROZEN FROZEN! Bob Iger's grandmother is dressed up as Elsa! But it's gonna cost another $100 to get her autograph! (which, prints out on a little slip as Bob's grandmother isn't actually there, she's on a projection screen in a room full of projected sets!) Hurry now, this attraction will only exist for two whole weeks because it's being shipped to CHINA! In it's place they'll be installing a broken animatronic of stitch in a blue wig with a walker! (which is also projected on a screen, while you try to find Nemo!)

Jon81ukSep 15, 2016

Building new attractions on new land at DHS would be preferable still. But I can think of four things that need replacing before Tower of Terror. Why cut down your tall healthy trees before replacing the old withered ones. ALL of the shows at DHS need replacing before Tower should even be touched and that wouldn't even involve building anything, just new sets/cast.

Seabasealpha1Sep 15, 2016

Here's another analogy that folks commonly use... "You can't see the forest for the trees." True, FW needs redone (about 7/8 of it) and World Showcase is fairly solid (still scratching my head at this Frozen B.S.!) in what it offers. But in the case of DHS, the whole park is screwed. Epcot still has a thematic point and purpose that is just slightly more existent than DHS. DHS is like some kinda closet where all the other crap that doesn't fit anywhere else gets wedged. And half of that crap has now been scrapped and leveled wholesale. Sure, the tower is really well themed. Yes. I love it too... but in a forest that's basically been leveled, what's one more tree?

Jon81ukSep 14, 2016

Because Tower of Terror is probably the best themed thrill ride in the world and doesn't need to change. Universe of Energy is 20 years out of date and of less interest to todays guest. If they really want to keep a "use less energy" attraction then build an omnimover to go in the Innoventions building and use the bigger plot of land for something more exciting. I agree that Gaurdians of the Galaxy doesn't really fit with Epcot. But the Tower of Terror doesn't need replacing, whereas most of Future World does. To sort of continue your analogy, the single fly can be fished out the milk, but the old sour stale milk is of no use anyway.

UpAllNightSep 13, 2016

I just want some actual news about their plans for Epcot...they're moving far too slow.

WDW862Sep 13, 2016

Ride has a 30 minute wait currently. Most people here don't even know it's closing.

Dead2009Sep 13, 2016

This was posted last week on Screamscape (I know, lol Screamscape) but i noticed it wasnt posted anywhere I failed to mention this before, but it was pointed out that a few of the remaining Innovations attractions at Epcot will be closing after Sept. 14th, including The Sum of All Thrills and the Hurricane themed simulation. Beyond this, there isn't much left of the old Innoventions areas, some of which has been turned into character Meet & Greet areas in the past few years. Not sure what the future holds for the concept at all anymore, if anything. http://screamscape.com/html/wdw_-_epcot.htm

brb1006Aug 20, 2016

Here's Innoventions as it was 6 days ago.

Seabasealpha1Aug 19, 2016

I'm of the opinion of choosing the lesser of two evils...dropping Rockett Racoon into the Tower of Terror would be a better move than placing it inside of Universe of Energy... Hollywood studios is already a botched up mess with pretty-much a restart on the table. Epcot is still (somewhat) still Epcot. I don't see the need to shoehorn the latest IP into every park in order to make a winning attraction that draws in people...there's still an overall theme to each park at WDW...which is something I feel they're losing sight of. A messed up analogy: We have a container of milk that already had a fly in it...so...what's another one? (Hollywood Studios) We have another container...no flies. Why add one? (Though Epcot does need the right kind of help!)

OliveMcFlyAug 17, 2016

I've seen that. That would be heartbreaking :(

ford91exploderAug 17, 2016

Yeah WDW will look like the Borscht Belt hotels in the Catskills, Waiting for someone to restore them to their one time glory.

OliveMcFlyAug 17, 2016

I I think that's the case for every one right now. The resort is under a lot of change all at once. In a few years it's going to be like a brand new destination. Sad but exciting at the same time.

FigmentForver96Aug 16, 2016

Ehhhh not exactly. I respect and honor all opinions but not all are exactly the same. For example so actually think that Guardians of the Galaxy in Tower of Terror is a good idea (shocking), but that doesn't actually make it ok. When you get down to the hard facts of why it's really wrong then you see why the opinion of "It's a great idea" becomes the minority opinion.

WikklerAug 16, 2016

The ability to design, ride, and even control the intensity level of your own coaster was very unique and was definitely one of only a handful of things that have opened in the last twenty years at Epcot that have been a step in the right direction. I will very dearly miss Sum of All Thrills, even though I understand that corporate sponsorships run out eventually.