EPCOT's Harmonious barges get new daytime video mode with a hint of the 50th celebration

Sep 29, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious daytime video display
Posted: Wednesday September 29, 2021 11:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Harmonious show platform barges are displaying a new daytime video mode today, as the countdown to "The World's Most Magical Celebration" nears its end.

The four large barges show a rippling water video, which approximates the look of the water in the World Showcase lagoon, perhaps looking like a reflection of the water.

Every couple of minutes, a 50 graphic appears in the center of the 25 feet high and 88 feet long double-sided LED panels.

Watch the video below for a look at the effect in motion.

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marni19719 days ago

Those hopes seem pretty Much dashed. But seriously I hope damage is minimal and no one is injured.

MisterPenguin9 days ago

Did you bring your wet ops gear? The hurricane is great cover!

jrhwdw9 days ago

And destroy any F! progress DHS made...................... Shouldn't we be hoping Ian misses WDW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

marni19719 days ago

World showcase lagoon. Naked eye. O. M. G. If there’s any justice in the world Ian will sink it.

MagicHappens197115 days ago

It is coming back. Cast starting havjng auditions weeks ago

Touchdown15 days ago

It’s late Sept and there’s been no announcements, I was starting to get worried. Hoping for more dining options this year.

Vinnie Mac15 days ago

Was there ever doubt of it coming back?

Touchdown15 days ago

Indeed proof Candlelight is returning

MisterPenguin16 days ago

The nighttime show in EPCOT needs to start later in order to get in three Candlelight Procession* shows. *Which is neither candle-lit, nor a procession... but still a great show.

mattpeto16 days ago

It’s also the first time since 1/1/2022 that Epcot will be closing after 9 pm (9:30 pm). Extended Evening Hours will run to 11:30 pm on Mondays.

jrhwdw16 days ago

If Harm is hurting WSL this much, it should be ending on September 30th!!!

jrhwdw16 days ago

That's disappointing!!!!! Why won't Epcot do the number of Tags ROE had with EF/Harm????????

trainplane316 days ago

About that If they do the PoE tag, this could be the only time @marni1971's face is on the middle ring barge! 🤣

jrhwdw16 days ago

No surprise for Festival Of The Holidays. Would be nice if Epcot would return POE Tag............Heck!!!! We don't even know if we'll see a 40th Tag in under 2 Weeks!!!!!