PHOTOS - Views of massive Harmonious central icon barge from around World Showcase Lagoon

Feb 27, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Daytime views of the Harmonious central icon barge
Posted: Saturday February 27, 2021 10:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 6 story tall central icon barge for the upcoming Harmonious show is now in position in the center of World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT.

Equipped with a waster mist projection screen, rotating arms and lighting effects, the central barge will be the focus of the show.

The platform is now two-thirds complete, with the central ring, and one set of articulated arms in position. Another set of arms will join the platform on the south side facing the American Adventure.

When complete, the 5 main barges will be permanently moored in the lagoon, and will perform as daytime fountains to somewhat disguise their appearance.

Alongside the final third of the central icon barge, two more fin shaped barges are now near complete backstage and waiting their delivery to the lagoon.

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monothingie2 hours ago

I hope the final fountain show is more impressive than this. Hopefully just a test.

techgeek1 day ago

I seem to recall in the 80's and 90's that the pavilion lighting effects (popcorn lights and some color / pattern effects) would remain lit after the show, adding a bit of festive atmosphere to the rest of the evening. The torches add a similar sort of vibe to pre/post show these days, but it was more immersive drawing you into exploring the pavilions and seeing them in a 'new light', rather than just focused along the promenade.

Figments Friend2 days ago

Nah..... It just gives em' a 15 minute head start at clearing the Park out at the end of the night. 😉 -

SplashZander2 days ago

I wonder if having Harmonious begin 15 minutes before park closing is a strategic way to limit the number of people viewing it. It seems the show will have much more limited viewing angles due to the screens and other factors, so they could just be doing this to draw people away from it by providing alternatives.

Sir_Cliff2 days ago

True, not spectacular, but at least that gives you an option to get in line for something up to 15 minutes into the show which could mean an extra ride. It's not an extra hour, but at least it means you can still enjoy attractions while the show is going on which is something. With the length of some of the queues, I imagine this is more or less calculated so that people are still waiting and riding attractions too long after the show finishes.

marni19712 days ago

IllumiNations used to start an hour before park closing. Oh well.

Crazydisneyfanluke2 days ago

Its 15 mins before park closing?

Sir_Cliff3 days ago

As reported by WDWmagic, the show starting before park closing time is a positive development that I hope becomes permanent. At MK you always had the option of lower waits for the attractions and skipping the fireworks, so fantastic news if this will also now be an option at Epcot.

DCBaker3 days ago

Showtimes for Harmonious are up on the calendar -

Thelazer3 days ago

I don't think they thought it was a good idea, I think they had to just "go along" with it.

Inspired Figment4 days ago

Well.. I mean I get the logic behind doing it.. at the same time though, it doesn’t solve the problem with the design & focus of the show.

Figments Friend4 days ago

I am aware that this may just be a 'test phase' to get the juices flowing correctly before turning up the water pressure, but.... How anyone thought this was a good idea is a bit perplexing. -

SpoiledBlueMilk4 days ago

They just need to call the barges the new expansion to World Showcase. Look, it's Atlantis slowly leaking and sinking....slowly.