PHOTOS - Main section of the Harmonious central ring brought into World Showcase Lagoon

Feb 27, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious central ring barge overnight installation
Posted: Saturday February 27, 2021 7:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Imagineer Zach Riddley shared photos via Instagram of the main section of the massive central ring barge being brought out into World Showcase Lagoon overnight.

The massive size of the 6-story piece is very apparent as it towers over the promenade bridge.

We'll have more photos in the daylight later today, so check back for a look.

Here is a look at the icon ring being moved.

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Amused to Death11 hours ago

Kermit has joined the circus and is preparing to enter the Globe "Stargate of Death." 😆

owlsandcoffee12 hours ago

I'm not even going to be going to Disney any time soon. I can't afford it. In fact I haven't been to Disney world in years. My point is that if you don't want to go, that's fine but it will not make a bit of difference to Disney. Frankly I think the same is true of voting in certain contexts but I don't really want to get into that.

MickeyMouse1012 hours ago

It so weird that Epcot used to have a restaurant called "Stargate", now we've got an actual one. I wonder if Richard Dean Anderson or Kurt Russell will use it???

UNCgolf12 hours ago

Also that.

DreamfinderGuy12 hours ago

Fixed that for ya

UNCgolf13 hours ago

Unfortunately it will probably get great reviews for being a technical tour de force.

wedenterprises13 hours ago

I'm actually excited for this show to be terrible and get poor reviews so that they remove these things.

marni197113 hours ago

Part two.

HauntedPirate13 hours ago

It hasn’t earned an internal nickname of “mistake on the lake” for its charming appearance and blending into the background.

TrainChasers14 hours ago

This made me laugh out loud. Also the photo of the Kermit topiary really made me realize how bad these truly are.

Amused to Death16 hours ago

Planters on wheels, Disney's usual means of "hiding" things, outta do the trick! 🤣 "We want... a shrubbery! One that looks nice. And not too expensive."

Father Robinson17 hours ago


zapple17 hours ago

Yes, you’re correct, I took pics from every pavilion and got them confused. I’ll fix it.

brihow18 hours ago

This is the same argument people make when they don't want to vote in political elections. Every voice counts and if you don't like the way things are going, speak up or spend elsewhere. I used to go to WDW every year and haven't been in the last 5 years because our last trip was so unpleasant. I probably will go again but my trips are so much less frequent than they used to be.