PHOTOS - Main section of the Harmonious central ring brought into World Showcase Lagoon

Feb 27, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious central ring barge overnight installation
Posted: Saturday February 27, 2021 7:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Imagineer Zach Riddley shared photos via Instagram of the main section of the massive central ring barge being brought out into World Showcase Lagoon overnight.

The massive size of the 6-story piece is very apparent as it towers over the promenade bridge.

We'll have more photos in the daylight later today, so check back for a look.

Here is a look at the icon ring being moved.

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Supreme Leader4 days ago

Yes :)

Touchdown4 days ago

Epcot more then most the current figure 8 layout means you’re doing 3+ miles just to walk around the park once.

Vinnie Mac4 days ago

I feel like this is the theme of every theme/amusement park in the world.

marni19714 days ago

First time?

Touchdown4 days ago

That’s because the true meaning of Epcot is: Every Person Comes Out Tired

Supreme Leader4 days ago

As a whole, I loved the park and its overall concept, and I was completely blown away by its vastness and variety. There weren't many rides but the rides that were there I found fun and very entertaining. I found it so worthwhile to spend a majority of the day there just exploring the different pavilions and to really take it all in. All the construction was kind of an eye sore, and those ugly barges were just plain awful and really did take away the views of the lake. Not sure who in Imagineering thought that was a good idea lol. I couldn't get enough of Spaceship Earth. That was probably my favorite experience in the whole park. The ride and its meaning really encapsulated the entire theme and idea of Epcot. Or at least what I perceived the meaning of Epcot to be haha. One thing I think the park definitely needs is some in park transportation 😂 The amount of walking in that park alone killed my feet. 😂

Poseidon Quest4 days ago

Out of curiosity, what were the highlights for you? I've grown cynical and the place has completely lost my interest, but I'm interested in an outsider perspective.

Supreme Leader4 days ago

Me and a few friends went to Epcot for the first time (amazing park) and the one thing we all agreed on was that the fountain barges we absolutely ugly. Also, from one angle they were incredibly off center that it actually bothered me. 😂

Vinnie Mac8 days ago

Happy to confirm that show quality pyro has returned tonight. Currently trying to examine footage for any pyro or lighting updates (if any).

kevinitobrownie10 days ago

That was how I felt when I saw it last week. It was underwhelming. What I find more fascinating is that I found the show at flow blast underwhelming too. I know this isn't the case, but it would be cool if this meant that this show tenure won't last. IF not, hopefully it is temporary.

kevinitobrownie10 days ago

I absolutely agree!

kalel814513 days ago

I hope this was just a fluke or something. I've watched this on YouTube but looking forward to seeing it in person.

wishiwere@wdw13 days ago

I’ve seen the show probably upwards of 20 times. To say the show this past Monday was underwhelming is a understatement. Lots of pyro missing. I had thought it might be the wind (and very well could have been for at least the perimeters at the end) but after seeing the reports here and the fact that I’ve seen the show in worse weather, I’m guessing not. Hopefully this is temporary.

helenabear13 days ago

I hear you. Barge free too I hope. We started to watch this in March but quickly moved on to rides for extended hours instead. It really did not appeal to us. I only saw videos of EF but it looked better.