PHOTOS - Divers in the World Showcase Lagoon ahead of overnight Harmonious pyro test

Sep 23, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Divers in the World Showcase Lagoon

Divers were out in the World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT today ahead of an overnight test for Harmonious planned for this evening.

Disney has notified guests staying at the EPCOT resort area hotels to expect to hear pyro from inside EPCOT after park close up until midnight.

During the overnight test, we believe crews will be testing some early pyro effects to be used in the upcoming Harmonious show.

Despite COVID-19 and the pausing of numerous projects, development of Harmonious is continuing, although behind schedule. The expectation is that EPCOT Forever will return as EPCOT's nighttime show when permitted, to then be replaced by Harmonious sometime in 2021.

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Article Posted: Sep 23, 2020 / 12:32pm ET
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Disnutz3118 hours ago

I will never forgive them for this off center giant eye sore...

hpyhnt 10009 hours ago

Maybe someone else can confirm, but I suspect it's because they just reused the existing dock that was built for the Earth Globe and inferno barge for RoE. The 3-piece Stargate monstrosity is so much bigger than those previous barges that it's shifted the entire show footprint westward when docked in the same location. The designers must have been more focused on saving a buck by not needing to rebuild the dock than they were about everything now being (laughably) off center.

Wngo9059 hours ago

Understand but i was also thinking it was turned like Italy/Starbucks. First edit: Guess not. Second edit: if it is straight the other way would it not line up with Tori gate and SSE?

HauntedPirate9 hours ago

I’ll take, “Phrases that will get Imagineers fired” for $2000, Alex.

FutureCEO9 hours ago

No amount of water can cover how horrible this is

M:SpilotISTC129 hours ago

This just keeps getting better and better. If they are going to do stuff like this, why not go full six flags and throw up a huge roller coasters outside with zero regard for theme or sight lines. At least that way it won't (or shouldn't) take 3 years and half a billion dollars to build a roller coaster. Epcot is going to hell in a hand basket and quick. This is sad.

mnelson310 hours ago

You having more 🍿tomorrow @marni1971 ? Lol

Crazydisneyfanluke10 hours ago

I think they centered it to the lagoon itself not to the center of EPCOT. (SSE to AA) I think somewhere in the thread (or Harm thread) is a picture of it.

Touchdown10 hours ago

No it’s off center towards Japan-Canada side.

Wngo90510 hours ago

Would the center line up with Italy? maybe upcharge party viewing?

mnelson311 hours ago

Maybe I missed it, did anyone figure out what could be the reason they are off center? Or did make a boo boo when installing the hookup platforms? Lol.

Touchdown11 hours ago

It is so weird how it’s off center, maybe they didn’t want to screw up the laser effect on SE from AA? Just why in the world is it off center?

GimpYancIent11 hours ago

Barges are Barges! It would be nice if they could be masked then unmasked for show time. I hope the show is worth it.

Thelazer11 hours ago

Just wait till the view of the American Adventure is blocked by the ring. That should REALLY get the guest complaints rolling in.