World Showcase torches refurbishment begins today

Jan 21, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Posted: Tuesday January 21, 2020 11:56am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's World Showcase torches will be out of service from today as they are refurbished ahead of the debut of Epcot's new nighttime show, HarmonioUS.

The refurbishment is expected to be complete by the end of the month, and until then they will not be in operation during Epcot Forever.

The torches were originally installed for IllumiNations 2000, and this refurbishment would seem to confirm that they will continue to be used for HarmonioUS.

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MisterPenguinFeb 05, 2020

And stayed lit into EMH.

TouchdownFeb 05, 2020

Torches are lit for tonight’s Epcot Forever

TrainChasersJan 29, 2020

The show was created for and about the celebration of a new millennium. Do you also find it odd that Disney refers to the current year as 2020?

Father RobinsonJan 29, 2020

Crew working on the torches today. From the other site.

creathirJan 25, 2020

It sure was! My wife and I were on our Honeymoon in 2007 and one of the days we were at Hollywood Studios, as we were entering the park we were selected to be the “Family Of The Day” as part of the year of a million dreams celebration. The on duty manager then walked us to the attraction of our choice, thru the exit, and right onto the ride. Was so awesome!

trainplane3Jan 25, 2020

While not the same, the year of a million dreams was another favorite. Just walking around being given random surprises was great.

brb1006Jan 25, 2020

I remember seeing many advertisements for the Millennium Celebration (especially with old Disney VHS Tapes that I still own). The Millennium Celebration and 100 Years Of Magic was one of the last times WDW was able to go out all to that level with the celebrations.

creathirJan 25, 2020

They literally wrote a giant 2000 on the side of Spaceship Earth, an attraction which covers the history of mankind’s communication. The millennium celebration was a big deal.

marni1971Jan 25, 2020

It’s not “refurbishment“ more “maintainence”

Prototype82Jan 24, 2020

You are so right and thank you for the full explanation! It's incredible how symbolic every detail was. The fiery inferno of the creation of the earth...the white lights outlining nations and civilizations being built...It all meant something. While not fireworks and not as renowned, the original Rivers of Light reminded me of RoE in every bit of its symbolism. Each float representing a different biome and a corner of the globe...Everything represented a part of ours and our Earth's shared story. Sad to see experiences like this go.

The Empress LillyJan 24, 2020

Do read up on EPCOT history one day. It's so fascinating! You'll come to understand the park and WDW. Above you're reading RoE backwards. The sweeping view of all of history didn't culminate in putting 20 centennaries of Christ's birthday as centerpiece. It's the reverse. RoE celebrated the new millennium (inevitably, by definition the Christian, Gregorian calendar). RoE was part of the millennium celebrations. The progression from one millennium to the next then was a moment for reflection, reflection of who we were and where we came from.

Father RobinsonJan 24, 2020

Well what I had previously said was he said "one reason" was for the marathons. So I never claimed (because I have no info) that they were ONLY sticking around for them nor did my source. Just sounds like there's a few reasons they're staying, the marathons will just have the perk of still having them.

MisterPenguinJan 24, 2020

So... in a show that showed the entire history of the universe and the beginnings of human life many millennia ago, they wanted to have 20 candles for Christ's centennary birthday? Now, I'm a practicing Christian, but, I find in a show with such a sweeping view of all of history and all of human cultures, that it is rather odd and out of place that they would enshrine the Christian calendar into the very infrastructure of the show.

hpyhnt 1000Jan 24, 2020

There were/are 19 torches ringing the lagoon, each one representating one century that has passed (so years 0-1899). The finale of RoE with the Earth Globe opening to reveal a torch was symbolic recognition of us moving out of the 20th century. A new torch is needed to represent the passing of years 1900-1999, and thus one rises from the heart of the Earth Globe to take its place among the others around the lagoon. The “thousand points of light” pyro and final volley of fireworks at the end of the show were meant to represent us accelerating and moving into the 21st century. So much meaning and symbolism packed into about 45 seconds of show time. Yet another example why RoE will always be the best nighttime fireworks show Disney ever created.