VIDEO - Behind-the-scenes making HarmonioUS

Jan 21, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Posted: Tuesday January 21, 2020 2:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today shared a behind-the-scenes look at preparations to bring the new nighttime show HarmonioUS to Epcot.

The video shows one of the five 30ft wide by 75ft long show barges being placed into the lagoon, and includes comments from Steven Davison, Creative Executive of Parades and Spectaculars for Disney Parks Live Entertainment.

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hpyhnt 100018 minutes ago

From a show design standpoint, one thing that has bothered me is the team either not taking into account or not really caring about how light and water do very different things once they are off a vertical axis. So, in this screenshot of the Mulan section, you have arcing jets of water (the blue) that are barely illuminated because the lighting (the yellow) is going in a different direction: You can really see how silly this looks on the arm behind, where only the first few feet of water is visible before it all just disappears because light doesn't bend like water does. And so you end up with a section like this where a lot of fountains are on, yet you barely see them: To give another example, here's a close up from one of the video's split screens. In this shot, the fountains on top of the tacos are on but not yet illuminated; we only see them because of the residual glow of the fireworks: And here's a few frames later with the fountain lights now on. I'm not exactly wowed by the difference: Maybe this is the look the team were going for. Will everything look better in person with the naked eye? Hopefully. But I'm worried it's just going to look like a mess of bright spotlights and dim fountains going in random directions, because that's kinda how it looks in the videos and pictures.

truecoat1 hour ago

I'm going to be in Epcot on 10/01 but not because I planned to be there for the 50th. I had a friend who wanted to go for a couple days and picked October 1st as a time to go. It was only after I booked our flights that I thought about the date being the 50th and being in Epcot for the first showing of Harmonious. I hope this show is really good but those structures look out of place. As a person who usually goes to Disneyland, I've seen some comments on why wasn't it like WOC. I have a feeling this structure is above the water because of WOC. WOC is down right now for an extended refurb and has had several refurbs so far. All that equipment underwater takes it's toll. Even the projector housings above water rotted away and are all backstage torn apart. Those have to be rebuilt now. Epcot can't have a show down for so long with refurbs in my opinion. Time will tell if they made the right choice and if water will still gum up the works so to speak.

dreday32 hours ago

I always thought the music for the crossing of the Marigold Bridge is one of the prettiest pieces of music ever written. That would make a GREAT projection scene somewhere.

MansionButler842 hours ago

Absolutely. It’s a gem of a movie. What took them so long! I just hope Enchantment chooses a different song. There’s more than one in the movie!

dreday32 hours ago

And that is most pleasing.

markham2 hours ago

I get that too. One could argue that Christmas in the contemporary sense is celebrated by many people that are not celebrating the birth of Christ. And there are some British writers in there too, but I don’t think a Mulan song performed in any language is the best representation of actual Chinese Culture. And the same applies across the board to the other IP. Maybe there will also be amazing pieces of music that actually originated from these cultures too. Fingers crossed. That video just doesn’t inspire confidence.

MansionButler842 hours ago

As expected, the content is questionable, daytime appearance is hideous, but visuals during the show appear spectacular (to me). I can’t wait to try and ignore the stargate and tacos all day before enjoying this show with my family. They are going full Coco lately.

ifan2 hours ago

I understand what you're saying, I really do, but I'd like to point out that some of the best Christmas songs were written by Jews. Not everything has to be done by the original group of people to become special or authentic. I think this show will have high guest sat - I just wish the barges went away during the daytime like everyone else.

markham2 hours ago

“you want to make sure you’re doing justice to that culture.” Sooooo, to best represent the cultures of the world, we’re playing a bunch of songs written by Americans. One of which had to have an offensive lyric after release. (Arabian Nights) The hubris of this creative direction is really appalling. THIS to me is the reason Disney IP is not a good fit for a show like this. it’s almost like they’re saying, “the world has so much more in common than we have that divides us. Such as our love of Disney.”

dreday32 hours ago

I'm looking forward to watching it in October. Love that we are able to see a brand new show. We were there the year Illuminations started and now we will be there for this!

JohnD2 hours ago

I guess we'll just have to see it. I'll be in MK the evening of 10/1 so need to resist the urge to come here and watch a video of it. I'll be in Epcot on 10/2.

kevlightyear2 hours ago

Those extendable arms just bug me. Maybe they'll make more sense in the show, but how could they relate to the 'story' they're trying to tell? If the only reason something is included is 'it looks cool,' then it better be so stunningly cool--and the arms just aren't.

monothingie2 hours ago

I wonder if they've given any thought on how much the scrap value of the barges will be when they replace the show in a couple of years. Or is this a too big to fail thing?

note20012 hours ago

I'm in a place today where I need something good to look forward to and I thought this little peek would be good news. Wrong. It's left me feeling awful. In particular it seems those giant screens are the problem. They're awkward shapes for some scenes they're depicting and look like they're taking away more than adding to the show. Holding out hope that these are just a few of the worst scenes they've selected to be released. Still hunting for some awesome news. :(