Harmonious Live! is reportedly one of the shows to be removed from Disney+ as part of cost-cutting move

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Posted: Friday May 19, 2023 7:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Variety reports that 'Harmonious Live!' will be one of around fifty titles removed from Disney+ as part of a new cost-cutting move.

On last week's earnings call, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy announced the move to remove titles from its streaming platforms.

Hosted by Idina Menzel, Harmonious Live! originally aired June 21, 2022 on Disney+, honoring World Music Day.

Along with special guest Auli'i Cravalho ("Moana"), the live event from Disney Branded Television celebrated the power of music with a medley of classic Disney music reinterpreted by a culturally diverse group of 240 artists from all around the world, all performed by a live orchestra and ensemble of international vocalists.

EPCOT's Harmonious had its final performance at Walt Disney World on April 2, 2023.

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TTA941 day ago

Off subject but I hope their next project is a new show for DAK. I don’t see what else entertainment wise would be in the works. As far a nighttime parade goes it’s highly likely to be MSEP so no work needed there. No rumors on any daytime parades. I think someone said WDW will likely wait for a new show at DAK until the rumored new land is constructed. But I would think they may a new or temp show there during the construction to draw guests in?

TTA943 days ago

Either way though it still doesn’t mean it will be a good show. I’m sure the creatives had been given specific instructions on what’s expected for the show meaning lots of IP and making it a very simple show. Along with that probably a very small budget. The creative team can only do so much lol. I just don’t see this being near as impressive visually as Harmonious was.

Disone3 days ago

You bring up an interesting point. I wonder if they had just made the Stargate portable.... Nah. It would probably have to be in three parts (as is I believe the stargate was actually three barges moored together ) and that's the doable part but then maneuvering those three sizable barges into a relatively smaller area between the four taco barges logistically probably was a no-go. However I do think viewing of harmonious head-on made the show better which means it was just not as good from most viewing locations. It was in my opinion definitely a much better show when you viewed it head-on versus from the sides.

danlb_20003 days ago

I would not be surprised if Idina Menzel was getting residuals on this.

wdwmagic3 days ago

I think he's got way bigger fish to fry than to mess with EPCOT's firework show.

TDLFan3 days ago

I just hope Iger let's the creatives do their job and not stick his nose in it too much. I remember enjoying Steve Davidson's walk through of World of Color's opening section only to be disappointed when it was reported Iger thought it didn't sound modern and had it changed to the female singer trilling like an American Idol audition.

GhostHost10003 days ago

The taco barges did take up a lot of room but I have to admit they at least looked a little more modern than the old illuminations equipment out there most of the day I honestly think as much as we love a more open lagoon, the harnonious taco barges might have been ok if there were able to utilize them in some way during the day perhaps. The large ring in the center to me was more of an eyesore than the tacos…those at least looked modern but that’s just my opinion. Now we may see flat weird looking fireworks barges out there most of the day and people will complain then too

Disone3 days ago

I honestly think it was more in the early afternoon, like two or 3:00 p.m. which always made me scratch my head about to criticism of the taco barges. Back in the ROE days.. Unless you are at world showcase from 11:00 a.m. when it opens to 3:00 p.m., ( world showcase tends to be pretty desolate population wise before 3:00 p.m.) one really didn't get unobstructed views of the lagoon. Moot point now.... There gone!

jrhwdw4 days ago


GhostHost10004 days ago

I hope that’s the case but ROE was brought out late afternoon if I recall so it wasn’t like that just appeared right before the show started.

jrhwdw4 days ago

Why do we need permanent Barges though??? Not worried about WSL's Views, just don't understand why it can't be Backstage like ROE?

wdwmagic4 days ago

Not permanent barges, but there will be the docking points, so it isn't totally clear lagoon.

GhostHost10004 days ago

Translation: Permanent barges, just not tacos

jrhwdw4 days ago

3.5 Shows if you include Tags. We had 1 for DVC and hopefully July 4th is planned?