Harmonious dining packages coming to EPCOT

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Posted: Tuesday September 14, 2021 12:13pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT will be offering two new fireworks viewing packages for the upcoming Harmonious nighttime spectacular.

At the Rose & Dining Room, the package features a prix-fixe menu including one appetizer, entrée, dessert platter and unlimited beverages priced at $89 for adults and $39 for children.

The Spice Road Table fireworks package costs $72 per adult, and $31 per child. The package includes two small plates, dessert platter and unlimited beverages.

Reservations open September 23 2021.

Viewing takes place from the outdoor dining areas at both restaurants, and check-in for both begins 45 minutes prior to the show. The dining experience will last approximately 90 minutes, ending when the show ends.

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JohnD2 days ago

Again, not that I necessarily want it, but doing a quick spot check, nothing seems to be available for either restaurant between now and November 22. You can't tell me that every single dining package has already been taken, right?

JohnD2 days ago

I finally decided to draw the line somewhere on these new offerings. This is one of them. I'd rather have the flexibility to dine earlier then pick a spot, hopefully somewhere along the north side of the lagoon. But if this thing is supposed to have extravagant fireworks and projections on those lagoon eyesores anyway then I suspect I will have a good view regardless.

castlecake2.02 days ago

It was always luck of the draw anyways, just because you had a reservation close to showtime didn’t guarantee you’d have firework viewing.

BoardwalkGlenn2 days ago

No luck yet.

Richie2482 days ago

Anyone have any luck booking this today?

pdude815 days ago

This goes back to RoE. The only reason it stopped is because fireworks stopped for a year after parks reopened

PolynesianPrincess6 days ago

Well, so much for making an ADR close to park closing at R&C to have a view of the show. Anything for them to make $$$

matt911210 days ago

I miss the old bangers and mash.

awoogala10 days ago

I already do that at home.. it's just not the same!

TikibirdLand10 days ago

Opportunity to buy a 75" TV with youtube access. You can enjoy the vlogger's recording of it and enjoy your wine from the comfort of your favorite recliner.

Nubs7010 days ago

The mushy peas and yorkshire pudding are a bit of a disappointment. Nope,, they were a real disappointment.

pdude8110 days ago

It previously included Fish and Chips as well as Shepards pie, Bangers and Mash, and a few other things which I don't remember.

JohnD10 days ago

I'm good with small plates at Spice Road Table. Anyway, I've put when ADRs open up on my calendar so I'll see what happens then.

jpinkc11 days ago

I think we will try this with Rose and Crown, would like to see a menu as I assume its Prix Fixe. So long as its at least got the Fish and Chips my family will do ok.