Harmonious show programming begins at EPCOT

May 14, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious show programming - May 14 2021
Posted: Friday May 14, 2021 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Harmonious project team looks to have reached a significant milestone this week as show programming begins for the new nighttime spectacular.

Temporary control booth tents were setup earlier this week in World Showcase Plaza where designers can control the show elements to piece together the programming for the show.

On the barges themselves, painting crews are wrapping up the repaint work. As you can see below, the pipework is now black, and the large panels below the screens are now a deep black.

As work continues on Harmonious we still expect to see a modified version of EPCOT Forever to reopen first. As social distancing requirements begin to be phased out, conditions would appear to soon allow for the return of Walt Disney World's nighttime shows.

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zoso14 hours ago

Yea I only recently realized the songs were from Epcot attractions. But to be fair, as much as I love Disney/DW, I’ve only been like 4 times and I’ve only been to Epcot twice (I think).

James Alucobond15 hours ago

I doubt you're the only one. The last time I was there, I had a family next to me that kept thinking the music was supposed to be "from" something throughout the entire show but couldn't figure it out.

sedati16 hours ago

Well, now they'll have four more screens to make sure the sponsor's messaging can't be missed.

zoso18 hours ago

Oh man, the barges are going to look amazing at night. The LED tape in this video might look simple, but this is pretty bright for a daytime test. I hard to tell if they’re polychromatic but I’m soooo excited to watch this show. I said this before but Disney World’s night shows are actually the reason I work on Broadway doing lighting. I still hope one day I can work at DW as an imagineer for their night shows.

DCBaker19 hours ago

mnelson321 hours ago

Yeah that’s true. Hopefully Harmonious stays at 20 minutes and doesn’t get slashed down.

SpectroMan9322 hours ago

To be fair, EF is 12 minutes long, while Harmonious clocks in around 20 minutes, so it’s safe to say Harmonious will have more pyro.

mnelson31 day ago

Yeah unfortunately. Maybe its not such a good thing to get us used to a show with a lot of added pyro just to come down to less booms and more screens lol.

UNCgolf1 day ago

It may rely heavily on the screens. Which wouldn't be a good thing, but also wouldn't be visible for testing.

mnelson31 day ago

Have to say I was more impressed with the EF testing than Harmonious lol. Harms finale feels weak asside from the perimeters.

marni19711 day ago

I was talking about the GE funded 1988 shows laser barge. But hey.

zoso1 day ago

Oh interesting. Thanks! I may be one of the only people then who actually enjoys the Whole New World ending, funny enough it might be my favorite part of EF. I can see the argument against it however

Inspired Figment1 day ago

Intellectual Property (in this particular usage though, it means the use of pre-existing film & television properties). The majority here are sick and tired of the overreliance & forced nature of movie/television based attractions being shorhorned into EPCOT & other places that doesn’t particularly need them. Particularly when they mostly come at the advantage of more unique park-exclusive concepts specifically/originally created for the parks

zoso1 day ago

what does IP stand for?