Harmonious show programming begins at EPCOT

May 14, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious show programming - May 14 2021
Posted: Friday May 14, 2021 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Harmonious project team looks to have reached a significant milestone this week as show programming begins for the new nighttime spectacular.

Temporary control booth tents were setup earlier this week in World Showcase Plaza where designers can control the show elements to piece together the programming for the show.

On the barges themselves, painting crews are wrapping up the repaint work. As you can see below, the pipework is now black, and the large panels below the screens are now a deep black.

As work continues on Harmonious we still expect to see a modified version of EPCOT Forever to reopen first. As social distancing requirements begin to be phased out, conditions would appear to soon allow for the return of Walt Disney World's nighttime shows.

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Thelazer5 hours ago

When you do renderings, and you make it super foggy, those light beams look great. Same thing as that water that is supposed to hide the barges in the day time......

mnelson36 hours ago

Yeah I’m worried to. I guess it’s possible they’ll flip the switch on all lasers around property on the 1st, but we’ll see.

mnelson36 hours ago

Yeah you’d think, and we did, that all those lights on each barge would be impressive. Hopefully Disney deliberately released crappy images and videos that isn’t showing us the final look🤞.

hpyhnt 10006 hours ago

Should we be worried about that at this point? I'm all for upgrades but it is odd to have this long a gap considering they got a pretty big upgrade in the final years of IllumiNations, and that was accomplished without interrupting RoE. There was the one preview video which showed the manta ray effect from the AA laser, so maybe they've just been very good at keeping the new programming secret? It would be nice to have them working in EPCOT Forever because there's some obvious show gaps without them.

wdwmagic7 hours ago

The lasers were not available in June, and have still not returned to EPCOT Forever.

wdwmagic7 hours ago

Indeed. In fact the whole lighting setup seems weak compared to what we were expecting. Hard to judge from testing and outside the park, so we'll see.

HauntedPirate8 hours ago

Feels to me like if something hasn’t been tested by this point, it won’t be in the show.

Vinnie Mac8 hours ago

Do you think it's possible that same effects weren't included in the popular June test? I also noticed we couldn't see lasers in that testing so idk if what they showed was the FULL package.

mnelson39 hours ago

One thing we haven’t seen in the preview videos is the spot light beams from the arms like the concept art. Or was that a failed effect? Sadly I think the majority of the lighting effects and lasers wont be to noticeable unless there is enough pyro smoke.

Vinnie Mac1 day ago


brb10061 day ago

It's an eyesore!

MisterPenguin2 days ago

I still call it The Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village.

Vinnie Mac2 days ago

Yeah. My family and I are either going in October or November. If we are going in October then I could probably keep myself from watching any spoilers. If we are going in November then I don't think I will have the mental capacity to wait another month 😂. Either way I'll probably just slip up and watch it anyway🤷🏾

Vinnie Mac2 days ago

I've slowly (but not fully) grown out of calling HS "MGM" but if it makes you feel any better, I still often say Downtown Disney instead of Disney Springs 😂