PHOTOS - Second Harmonious show platform barge arrives in World Showcase Lagoon

9 days ago in "Harmonious"

Second Harmonious show barge now in World Showcase Lagoon

The second Harmonious show platform barge was brought out into World Showcase overnight at EPCOT.

Despite poor weather today, crews are working on installing the new barge near to the Canada pavilion.

This is the second of what will ultimately be four perimeter barges, and one central barge.

Unlike previous EPCOT shows, the Harmonious hardware will remain permanently in the lagoon, somewhat disguised by daytime fountains.

Disney is yet to announce an opening date, but the show is expected to debut sometime in 2021. Click the gallery for more views from various points around World Showcase.

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Article Posted: Jan 12, 2021 / 10:42am ET
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Wngo9052 days ago

I would rather it play Off Kilter;)

Chupaca Bruh3 days ago

It lines up better with the Swan Reserve restaurant.

RSoxNo13 days ago

I think I'll accept these on the lagoon if we get a nice story about Mark Sumner building the models for the Harmonious barges with his old erector set.

Thelazer4 days ago

I'm only guessing that sight lines around the lagoon, must be better with the offset position. If that's not the case, WHOOPSIE!

techgeek4 days ago

Sometimes things like that trigger a sort of ‘something is off’ subconscious unbalanced perception, even if it’s not blindingly obvious. But this... from center stage World Showcase Plaza... is pretty blindingly obvious. It may be less of an issue viewing from elsewhere around the lagoon, but that’s not saying much since so much of the show clearly plays directly to center stage as designed.

MisterPenguin4 days ago

It's so large, you won't know it's off center.

techgeek4 days ago

The offset from lagoon centerline is just another log on the fire of truly baffling design going on here... Does anyone know why it has to play off-center? I’m assuming there’s a calculated reason, because it’s inconceivable that it’s just a ‘whoopsie’ with how much lagoon infrastructure work was done.

marni19714 days ago

Thelazer4 days ago

Hint, water spray with black behind it, still = big black thing behind it (and very visable)

Rteetz4 days ago

Clamman734 days ago

It's weird with the Japan pavilion cause you hear a part of the pre-Illuminations music as part of the background music there????

peter114354 days ago

Several pavilions have already received new BGM loops in the past two years. I don’t think they are going anywhere

HauntedPirate5 days ago

You can put a fancy wrapping and a bow on a pile of 💩 but it’s still a pile of💩. Sight lines will still be disrupted because someone thought, “Bigger? That’s better, do it!”

aladdin20076 days ago

rumor is they are coming with their own new score..meaning gone will be the individual pavilions ambient music probably, which is a horrible shame. less pavilion music, less costumes too? (even if the intl cast program does return one day, I cant see Disney spending or caring on all costumes the pavilions had) As it was Norway had no music the other day inside or out....could have just been a tech issue that day in general I guess, but they are just undoing everything in this park and not for the better.