PHOTO - A look at the logo for Epcot's upcoming spectacular - Harmonious

Feb 10, 2020 in "Harmonious"

Disney today released artwork featuring what appears to be the logo for Epcot's new nighttime show - Harmonious.

The logo features the original Epcot center logo in place of the letter O. The legendary Marty Sklar perhaps described the logo best as, “The Epcot Center logo symbolizes unity, fellowship, and harmony around the world. Five outer rings are linked to form the shape of a flower–a celebration of life. The heart of the logo is the Earth, embraced by a star symbolizing hope–the hope that with imagination, commitment, and dedication, we can create a better tomorrow.”

Also of note is that in recent times the capitalization of the letter has been made to be uniform. Originally, the title was "harmonioUS," it is now "Harmonious."

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Article Posted: Feb 10, 2020 / 4:06pm ET