PHOTOS - EPCOT'S Harmonious central icon barge receives third and final platform

Mar 01, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Final piece of the Harmonious central icon barge installed
Posted: Monday March 1, 2021 10:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The third barge that makes up the central icon show platform for Harmonious is now in position in World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT.

Installed overnight Saturday into Sunday, the third barge is comprised of 2 more articulating arms that will be provide lighting effects for the show.

Crews are using the service barge to work on the structure as it is tied into the existing main central ring barge.

The side-on view shows both sets of arms, one set on the northern side facing Spaceship Earth, and the other set on the south side facing the American Adventure.

All that remains to be installed in terms of major hardware pieces are the two fin shaped barges, providing a mirror of the existing two located at Mexico and Canada.

An opening date for Harmonious is yet to be announced, but expectation continues that the show will be ready for Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary in October 2021.

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bhg4692 hours ago

Well for us it is a good view of the circle whatever they call it. Also allows the crowd to naturally filter out ahead of us afterwards.

SaucyBoy2 hours ago

Oh wow, that's good to know! I think I only watched fireworks from Japan a handful of times!

bhg4692 hours ago

Japan is a nice spot to view it if you're planning ahead.

SaucyBoy2 hours ago

I'm seeing Harmonious for the first time ever Wednesday night. As someone who sat on a bench outside Canada and sobbed while the final Tapestry of Nations played after the last IllumiNations, I am doing what I can going into this show with an open mind. I've managed to avoid any spoilers since it debuted (minus unavoidable PR shots) so I really don't know what to expect going in!!

TheMaxRebo3 hours ago

I recall a fairly recent episode of the Disney Dish and alen mentioned the Trying Plans scores for the two new shows (Harmonius and Enchantment) and Harmonius scores were fairly strong but just a bit lower than Illuminations (I believe younger guests had it a bit higher and older guests and bit lower. Vs Enchantment which scored quite a bit lower than Happily Ever After It's definitely not a perfect show - I think transitions could be better and really needs a different ending - but overall it is doing well and I think Harmonius v2.0 could be really, really great

bhg4694 hours ago

I'm absolutely not going to edit that!! Dull disclaimer, I don't hate the show, I just feel like its not that great.

James Alucobond4 hours ago

Truly Freudian.

bhg4694 hours ago

Oh people definitely line up but not nearly in the numbers they did before. People are also becoming aware of the optimal viewing areas so those are the spots that people do fill up. My first viewing was about 9 months ago and just about every open spot around world showcase had people in it regardless of the ability to see the star hate properly.

mikejs784 hours ago

That wasn't my experience Monday night or all last week. People were lining up starting around 8:00. Anyway I'm more curious about GSATs.

bhg4694 hours ago

I can say it is at least half as popular as it was a year ago. Barely anyone seems to start lining up for it early anymore.

mikejs784 hours ago

What is the general public reaction to the show?

peter114354 hours ago

I don’t think either is likely. The general public is not really bothered by the barges existence.

mattpeto5 hours ago

It’s a great show, they just have to move out those barges out of the day during the day. I believe something will give, either the show will be retired within a year or two, or they will mobilize the barges.

mikejs785 hours ago

Saw Harmonious for the first time on Monday. I was predisposed against it because of my love for Illuminations and my issues with it's placement in Epcot, but I was blown away. The lights, lasers, effects, and pyro were all extremely impressive, and the music in person was supurb. I'm surprised I'm saying this, but this is a world class show worthy of Epcot.