First retail store opens at the Disney planned Flamingo Crossings just outside Walt Disney World

Sep 24, 2021 in "Flamingo Crossings"

Walgreens at Flamingo Crossings
Posted: Friday September 24, 2021 1:39pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walgreens has opened its doors at Flamingo Crossings, the first of many new retail and dining locations to open in the coming months at the Disney planned shopping, dining, and hotel area.

The new Walgreens features a drive-through pharmacy and a dedicated liquor store.

In addition to the previously announced Flamingo Crossings tenants, other notable new additions to the lineup will include:

Hash House a Go Go
Lime Fresh Mexican Grill
Nick Filet
Ovation Bistro & Bar
Pita Mediterranean Street Food

Located just off State Road 429 and near to the Western Way entrance to Walt Disney World, Disney rebooted its 10 year old Flamingo Crossings development last year, with an announcement of new plans to bring 29 retail and restaurant buildings across 45 acres, to be developed in three phases.

In addition to serving guests of Walt Disney World, it will also be conveniently located to serve the recently opened College Program housing complex at Flamingo Crossings Village. College Program Cast Members are expected to begin arriving again in June after more than a year of the program being suspended due to the pandemic.

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DisneyDreamerxyzDec 30, 2023

Disney has created an official website for Flamingo Crossings!

DisneyDreamerxyzNov 18, 2023

Simply Capri Italian Restaurant has soft opened and opens officially November 20th for reservations.

CntrlFlPeteNov 16, 2023

not sure the lines will slow down that soon. There are at least 5 other locations in the state so they seem to do ok down here. The one I lived near in Sunrise FL has probably been there for at least 40 years.

DisneyDreamerxyzNov 16, 2023

TouchdownNov 11, 2023

Culver’s has the best burgers of any fast food chain, better than 5 guys, better than in and out. The custard is also great, outside of a good mom&pop place (most of which are located in the Milwaukee metro area) you won’t find better. The curds and fries are serviceable, not bad, not amazing, but solid. Their chicken, pork and fish are also quite good, but I usually can’t not pick the burger.

DisorbustNov 11, 2023

'In defense of Culver's. My Wisconsinite daughter takes friends to Culver's to have the "food of her people" in Orlando and says it's just not as good as home, especially the curds. But they have a pretty good fish fry for a fast food place.

LilofanNov 10, 2023

Looks like a winner at WDW.

wdwmagicNov 10, 2023

And on the West Side in Disney Springs, and now in the Town Center.

SirwalterraleighNov 10, 2023

Yeah…didn’t they try this before?

LilofanNov 09, 2023

Fit2Run had a huge location at the touristy FL Mall in Orlando complete with oval running track inside the store. That lasted a few years before the placed closed.

DisneyDreamerxyzNov 09, 2023

Fit2Run Shoes signage is up !! Should be opening soon. ..

BocabearNov 09, 2023

I did not know there were 2 locations...The one on Little Palm is great! We always make a point of going there when we are up in Orlando

JaxFLBearNov 09, 2023

There's also a Portillo's on Palm Parkway (around 5 miles from Disney Springs).

SirwalterraleighNov 09, 2023

Culver’s is just a “Meh” burger/ice cream joint. It will fit right in with Orlando’s “Food sprawl” New Jersey had more “taste cred” before it embraced 600 chipotles 😎