Disney College Program returning to Walt Disney World Resort this June

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Posted: Monday May 3, 2021 2:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that the Disney College Program will be returning to the Walt Disney World Resort in June 2021.

On the official website, Disney said, "As our industry and community continue to bounce back, we have welcomed back thousands of cast members to work and have also restarted our recruitment efforts amid a tight labor market at Walt Disney World. Both of these measures are important indicators toward fully reopening our businesses and getting more people back to work. Right now, we are also ready to welcome back students and are excited to announce the relaunch of the Disney College Program this June. We are inviting participants whose program ended early or was suspended in 2020 to reapply and join us. Today, May 3, these participants will receive exclusive communication via email about this exciting opportunity.

Disney has also today commented on other programs, including the International Program, "Right now, we’re focused on bringing the Disney College Program back to Walt Disney World Resort and will have more to share about Disney International Programs, Disney Culinary Program, and those at Disneyland® Resort later."

Disney sent its vast workforce of College Program Cast Members home on March 18 2020 as the pandemic began to impact the world. The Disney College Program, Disney Culinary Program, Disney Cultural Exchange Program and Disney Academic Exchange Program were suspended from March 16.

The temporary suspension was then extended in July 2020 to "until further notice."

In 2020, Walt Disney World's College Program comprised of more than 5500 Cast Members deployed to a variety of roles from attraction hosts to character performers.

The new Disney College Program participants will also be among the first to stay at the new Flamingo Crossings Village complex which was built to house Disney's college workforce.

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corran horn2 days ago

https://sites.disney.com/lifeatdisney/2021/05/10/welcome-home-introducing-flamingo-crossings-village/ snazzy

peter114352 days ago

Yes, but when park capacity returns to normal the reservation system will be much less restrictive, it will just provide Disney with more insight in to who will be there.

Jrb19792 days ago

From what has been said the reservation system isn't leaving and it's here it stay

DCBaker2 days ago

Amidala2 days ago

At this point I've bought the FL Resident 4-Day ticket three different times so I could make concrete plans to go to the parks w/ visiting family and friends. Even when we're not blocked out (which is rare lately), reservations don't open up for CMs as early as they do for guests, so it's pretty much impossible to plan anything in advance. I understand blockouts are sometimes necessary, but it's sad to have to drop hundreds of dollars monthly on something that's supposed to be a perk. And it's weird, because the blockouts prior to March were pretty reasonable IMO. We were blocked out for Christmas week at MK but that's about it. A few days in May just opened up at Epcot and one of them falls on the day I'll be there with my mom, but I already paid for my ticket ): I'll be so happy when the reservation system finally gets discontinued, it's such a headache.

TikibirdLand3 days ago

At least they can go to Universal and Sea World!

trojanjustin4 days ago

It's crazy. For 35+ years, main gates were often blocked out but self admission for the CM was always allowed every day, except during hard ticket events and maybe July 4th/NYE. In fact, CMs didn't even need a special "self admission pass," they just needed their Company ID. With them now blocking CM access often as much as main gates, it was a huge reduction in soft benefits, especially for CPs.

Sirwalterraleigh4 days ago

excellent info.... I didn’t realize they were going to do away with the “choice”... If that’s the case...look for CP to be much more of a meat grinder than it was...and that’s common. no hungover lifeguards anymore?

Amidala4 days ago

Tossing some more anecdotal evidence into the ring here (not to discount the experiences of others, of course!), but as a CM currently working at the parks, I agree. I've heard some extreme horror stories from coworkers and have definitely encountered some rude guests myself over the past few months, but A) It's a rarity, not a daily occurrence and B) Unfortunately, there were difficult guests before the pandemic and there will be difficult guests after. Mask policies are just one recent addition to a HUGE existing pool of reasons guests use to excuse nasty behavior. In my exp. the typical response when you remind a guest to put their mask on/pull their mask up over their nose/etc. is either polite agreement or mild annoyance, but usually they comply. Or sometimes they walk away and pull it back down the second your back is turned but 🤷‍♀️ If I were a prospective CP at the moment, my concerns would be: 1) CPs are apparently no longer allowed to choose their role, 2) Month-wide blockouts for the past two months don't bode well for the summer, 3) Absence of nighttime spectaculars, holiday events, shuttered restaurants and resorts, 4) Taking a pay cut compared to PT/FT CMs in the same roles. PT/FT will be up to $15 ($15.75 in roles with the premium) by October of this year, and IIRC CMs are now making $13. Also, is it true Disney is eliminating phone interviews? On my CPs I was able to request a role and location in my interviews, and got what I asked for both times. It seems like incoming CPs will be going in 100% blind on both fronts.

Lilofan5 days ago

I'm sure your fellow peers ( former cast ) that are at your office still use the Disney point!

Sirwalterraleigh5 days ago

this is the most positive take on the boomerang effect I’ve ever seen/heard. I’m very impressed.

TransportationGuy5 days ago

At least for May, the only dates/parks showing available is Epcot next Monday-Thursday. Aside from that, all main gates are completed blocked

Piebald5 days ago

Arent CMs still blocked out? CPs are gonna be very bored if they cant go to the parks lol

TransportationGuy5 days ago

For Disney and quite frankly the Orlando area as a whole, it does bring great benefits economically. It creates vast number of cast that are loyal to the company for at least a little while. Then, many of those same people choose to stay in Orlando, but seek higher wages in other industries. This is one reason (albeit a small one) why places like Lake Nona and the future rebuilt downtown will be able to find at least some of the qualified labor they need locally to meet the demand of the large companies that are relocating here. DCP is a huge part of what contributes to Orlando’s cultural melting pot and labor pool. If you go to just able any employer in Orange County, you’ll find at least one former DCP. In my office of six employees, I have two. Lol