Disney College Program returning to Walt Disney World Resort this June

May 03, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday May 3, 2021 2:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that the Disney College Program will be returning to the Walt Disney World Resort in June 2021.

On the official website, Disney said, "As our industry and community continue to bounce back, we have welcomed back thousands of cast members to work and have also restarted our recruitment efforts amid a tight labor market at Walt Disney World. Both of these measures are important indicators toward fully reopening our businesses and getting more people back to work. Right now, we are also ready to welcome back students and are excited to announce the relaunch of the Disney College Program this June. We are inviting participants whose program ended early or was suspended in 2020 to reapply and join us. Today, May 3, these participants will receive exclusive communication via email about this exciting opportunity.

Disney has also today commented on other programs, including the International Program, "Right now, we’re focused on bringing the Disney College Program back to Walt Disney World Resort and will have more to share about Disney International Programs, Disney Culinary Program, and those at Disneyland® Resort later."

Disney sent its vast workforce of College Program Cast Members home on March 18 2020 as the pandemic began to impact the world. The Disney College Program, Disney Culinary Program, Disney Cultural Exchange Program and Disney Academic Exchange Program were suspended from March 16.

The temporary suspension was then extended in July 2020 to "until further notice."

In 2020, Walt Disney World's College Program comprised of more than 5500 Cast Members deployed to a variety of roles from attraction hosts to character performers.

The new Disney College Program participants will also be among the first to stay at the new Flamingo Crossings Village complex which was built to house Disney's college workforce.

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Smiley/OCD11 days ago

YES!! My DD did the DCP a few years ago...she and I drove down from NJ and I flew back...reversed it for the trip home. She was VERY glad that she had her car down there!

roj232312 days ago

Illinois for me but yea that was definitely a consideration. Having my own vehicle also helped me become a trainer (required due to early starts) so I'm thankful I had it for that as well.

DznyGrlSD12 days ago

among the many MANY reasons I drove from SD to FL for my CP

roj232313 days ago

The fun part for this is the CP cast on that bus still gets points on their record for being late if they were headed to work. Some GSM's will make them go away but a lot of them don't. This is one of the many reason's I always took an early bus.

DznyGrlSD13 days ago

true story - bus was broken down on western way on Saturday when I was driving to EPCOT

Lilofan14 days ago

I've never heard of apts being built non cheaply. A painting company did my mother's exterior painting. The painting owner even said during the winter time his teams paint apt building exterior and interior with the cheapest quality paint. They painted my moms home with Benjamin Moore and she kept the leftovers. Luckily back in the day when my home was being built from the ground up I was on the my builder foreman 's behind weekly pointing out at times shoddy work and demanding the work be redone to spec. They complied each time.

TransportationGuy14 days ago

If you ask Disney, they don’t need cars. They provide premier transportation for free that only catches on fire sometimes.

DznyGrlSD14 days ago

the new apartments were so cheaply built. I've heard stories of baseboards falling off and being held up by 3M strips. Also, they didn't build enough parking. Some CPs have to park their cars and then take a bus back to the apartments

TransportationGuy14 days ago

My read would be yes. For the foreseeable future, DCP will be used to get labor for cheaper rates than local FT employees. It also allows them to put CPs in the exact roles and timeframes that they want. Ie: We need 15 additional housekeepers to open X building at Y resort. As demand and COVID stable back out, they’ll seek to fully fill Flamingo Crossings and go back to a more structured model to provide consistent support. They also extended eligibility out to anyone who graduated in the past 24 months to broaden the number of potential applicants.

CaptainAmerica14 days ago

Does it feel like they're going to go with rolling admissions for awhile, rather than the old tranches of 6 months and 6 months?

DCBaker14 days ago

College program is now accepting applications again - arrivals begin as early as Oct. 25 and go throughout early 2022. https://jobs.disneycareers.com/job/lake-buena-vista/disney-college-program/391/19731456?cid=21151

The Lochness MonstaJun 29, 2021

Yep, Disney needs their cheap labor. They've tried dwarves, gnomes and trolls, it didn't workout.

zulemaraJun 29, 2021

they'll never know the joy of riding a bus to the Wal-Mart on 192 before the one just outside property was built. oi!

Giss NericJun 29, 2021

This year's DCP is so lucky, Brand new housing complex and a soon to open Target just beside it.