Disney to retain ownership and develop Flamingo Crossings into value-orientated retail center along with more hotels

Aug 29, 2017 in "Flamingo Crossings"

Posted: Tuesday August 29, 2017 12:48pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

According to a report from GrowthSpotter.com, Disney will retain ownership of Flamingo Crossings and develop it into a value-orientated retail center.

Located on the western edge of the resort just outside Disney's gateway entrance near to Disney's Animal Kingdom and Coronado Springs Resort, the 10 year old development is comparable in size to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

A senior Disney real estate manager, Henry Thrash, said that the new offerings will differ from Disney World's other retail area Disney Springs by being focussed on value, and will include mostly fast-casual dining options.

Plans call for 29 retail and restaurant buildings across 45 acres, to be developed in three phases. The first of the retail construction is likely to begin in Summer 2018.

Also parts of the plans are five additional value hotels, including a Hampton Inn and Suites and other Marriott and Hilton properties. The first two hotels by Marriott at Flamingo Crossings opened in 2016, and are the only business operating in Flamingo Crossings.

To support the growth of the area, Disney is also in the process of extending Western Way to Route 545, plans of which can be seen here.

The new retail plans do not alter the companies plans to also add accommodations for students taking part in the College Program.

Read more at GrowthSpotter.

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SirwalterraleighFeb 21, 2021

Just don’t see any need/impetus for any new construction anywhere on the horizon. The whole river country thing seemed so forced...like: “we’ll do this if everything is perfect and revenues continue to fly into the stratosphere...”. They didn’t even flinch when they cancelled that. But the economy and particularly the Orlando market isn’t due for “perfect”...its overdue for “far less than perfect”. ...still interesting discussion though👍🏻

RobbiemFeb 21, 2021

Thats a really interesting podcast, thanks for sharing. Bob kills off the ‘site is no good’ myth. I guess its just economics stopping a resort on that pad he also makes some good points about the difference between designing parks and designing resorts, especially with the current use of IP

lazyboy97oFeb 20, 2021

There’s still the Mediterranean site just north of the Transportation and Ticket Center. Bob Holland, former Vice President of Resort Development, talks about it in the latest episode of the Progress City Radio Hour podcast.

castlecake2.0Feb 20, 2021

That makes total sense. I was wondering the other day if there’s a planned space for a next Disney resort area. I know some land was purchased near MK lately.

RobbiemFeb 20, 2021

I read somewhere that bay lake was to be another hotel area in early plans after the seven seas lagoon plots had been built out. Not sure how true that was but it’s possible as it was way before epcot and the general expansion of the resort across property when magic kingdom was the resort area and the rest of the land was planned for epcot city etc

castlecake2.0Feb 20, 2021

Looking at that map is interesting, I didn’t realize they owned so much land on the other side of bay lake. Thanks for sharing!

lazyboy97oFeb 20, 2021

All of the addresses at Walt Disney World are weird. Lake Buena Vista is actually only the area around Lake Buena Vista with most of Walt Disney World being Bay Lake but addresses are shown as Lake Buena Vista. https://www.rcid.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/RCID_City_Owner2019.pdf

maxairmikeFeb 20, 2021

Because that entire developed area except for possibly the roads will (likely) be de-annexed from Reedy Creek if it hasn't already been. All the other addresses in that part of unincorporated Orange County are for Winter Garden, so that is the likely reason (I assume you meant Garden, not Park).

castlecake2.0Feb 20, 2021

I was wondering that too. I wonder if Disney reached out to them. also wondering why flamingo crossing isn’t considered part of lake buena vista? All the addresses I’ve seen so far are for winter park.

jimbo mackJan 22, 2021

Will any of the businesses at Crossroads relocate here? When I last visited Perkins crossroads one of the servers said they were bidding for this?

Tom MorrowJan 12, 2021

It seems to me like the goal was to create this little retail village primarily for the College Program that was supposed to be filling up those buildings. As it always has been, the CP kids who don't bring their own car have a very limited experience in Orlando vs. those who do. This would give them a much better setup within walking distance than the existing CP housing locations do. At the same time, this area is so isolated from other stuff. I mean yes 192 is a mile south, but still, a CP spent living here would be quite different than the old locations.

JoeCamelJan 12, 2021

On Flagler Avenue...

danlb_2000Jan 12, 2021

Looks like a 7-Eleven with a gas station.

seascapeJan 11, 2021

nm Is that for the 7-Eleven at the gas station?