Two Marriott hotels coming to Flamingo Crossings on the Western entrance of Walt Disney World?

May 09, 2014 in "Flamingo Crossings"

Remember Flamingo Crossings? The project Disney announced back in March 2007 that would bring new development to the western side of Walt Disney World.

It looks like things are about to move forward as plans for two Marriot hotels have been submitted for permitting. You can see extracts of the plans below.

The permit applications call for two hotels on one site, the first is a 'TownePlace Suites by Marriott,' and the other a 'SpringHill Suites by Marriott.' Both hotels operate on the low to mid side budget of the market. Marriot describes the 'TownePlace Suites' as "designed for comfortable long-term stays, featuring full- sized kitchens, high-tech amenities and more." SpringHill Suites are described as "Style and space. Beautifully priced."

When announced back in 2007, Flamingo Crossings early development plans included 4,000 - 5,000 low- to mid-rise, value-priced lodging units and 300,000 - 500,000 square feet of commercial space. Designed around a retail village, the development was expected to become a convenient shopping and service center for Cast Members, nearby residents and Central Florida visitors. Flamingo Crossings is located outside Disney's gateway around the interchange where Western Way meets the Western Beltway. You can take a tour around the empty site here.

Should the projects get the go ahead, potentially a whole host of new hotel options would become available to guests staying at Walt Disney World. Located right at the Western entrance, the hotels would be situated just minutes form the parks, and the nearest Disney hotel, Coronado Springs Resort. It would also seem likely that once the hotels begin construction, other amenities would quickly move into the area with the site anchored by the hotels.

Disney has not yet made any announcements about the project.

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Article Posted: May 09, 2014 / 2:49pm EDT
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Monorail_Red_778 days ago

There is some buffer around that is RCID property. But there is not much buffer to the south with Orange Lake Resort already existing and other land owners adjacent to WDW/RCID property there. It could be developed almost right next to Flamingo area. To the north of course there is tons of RCID land since this is near the water peculation ponds. Here's a portion of a map I made from Orange Co. Prop Appraiser and drew in WDW/RCID prop lines in red. It si a little dated, Circa 5/2019. Still need to modify some recent Flamingo property changes.

castlecake2.09 days ago

I hope this area includes a good size buffer like the RCID has around Celebration, is there any official plan that has been released of the area?

maxairmike9 days ago

There are some regular apartments going in as well. Which is fine for the CPs that don't *need* a car, but for anyone else living there in the non-CP apartments and hotels, a car is still a necessity to live and work, just like almost anywhere else in Orlando. I would say this would be a much better example if there were some kind of serious public transit option also included/available. It's basically SoDo for Disney CPs and some hotel guests. Nice, but still misses the mark.

JoeCamel9 days ago

From the layout Flamingo Crossing is set out to do that with housing, recreation and light shopping all walkable. Add in the hotels and I think the stores will be plenty busy with walk up.

castlecake2.09 days ago

And what’s across the street from that? It also looks like new housing? I thought this area was just going to be CP housing and hotels

maxairmike9 days ago

It would be nice if they would help lead the way with quality densification instead of sprawl with TOD and cooperating on transit that benefits everyone, but they're too concerned about guests being able to freely move about to do that.

lazyboy97o9 days ago

They said I was daft to build a castle in a swamp.

Monorail_Red_779 days ago

So I see now that the Flamingo CP Dorms are now owned by third parties (just like at Lk Bryant). ugh!! ACC Management

danlb_20009 days ago

Monorail_Red_779 days ago

WDW still owns property in Celebration. But it is more like several office buildings. Also, don't forget Reedy Creek still owns large swaths of land around Celebration that fully encircles Celebration. That's why the recent land purchases to the north east of Celebration help add to the buffer. I too don't like the idea of WDW selling off property. Four Sesasons area for one. Celebration being the other. I would rather they lease the land out and retain ownership, like with Disney Springs area and some of Flamingo Crossing area. Though they have sold off some of the Flamingo crossings areas to third parties.

castlecake2.020 days ago

I hate driving back there, very poorly laid out, and the sprawl has made it right up to the west clock lot. Hopefully they’ll be able to maintain a buffer everywhere else.

castlecake2.020 days ago

I’m really hoping that it will take a similar look of hotel plaza blvd/ little lake Bryan and not turn into a disaster like 192

"El Scorpion"20 days ago

I just hope this doesn't turn into an extension of 192. I can deal with a 535 (area north of I4) or an area equivalent to the south of Sand Lake on I Drive. But if we start seeing a CiCi's, a Denny's, and a Fun Spot going up. I'll get worried. Maybe they can relocate (or create) a Crossroads area there. That wouldn't be terrible.

the.dreamfinder20 days ago

More that they helped Horizon West happen probably. Much larger than Celebration.