Walt Disney Imagineering files permit for Peter Pan's Flight at Walt Disney World

May 07, 2024 in "Peter Pan's Flight"

Posted: Tuesday May 7, 2024 1:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has filed a new permit for Peter Pan's Flight at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

The permit carries the vague but intriguing title of "Install Set Elements," and the contractor on the project is InterAmerica Stage Inc. (Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permit.)

While we don't know what the work is for, it is worth noting that Walt Disney Imagineering is the permit owner, suggesting this is likely an addition rather than any type of routine maintenance that Facility Asset Management would usually own.

InterAmerica Stage Inc. is a long-time WDI contractor, having completed work on Test Track, Dumbo, and Spaceship Earth.

"Peter Pan's Flight" at Magic Kingdom is a classic Disney park ride that first opened in 1971. This attraction takes visitors on a journey through the narrative of J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan." Guests board hanging pirate ships that glide them from the Darling children’s nursery, across a miniature London at night, and on to the fictional Neverland. The ride showcases various scenes, including encounters with mermaids, Native American characters, and the infamous Captain Hook. As one of the park's original attractions, it holds a special place in the history of Walt Disney World.

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DonniePeverleyMay 19, 2024

So there is no point in updating any attraction by that logic.

BocabearMay 19, 2024

Why? They met at Town Square for decades.... Why give up a large premium space for a great attraction? The Tomorrowland Terrace is almost always closed.... Put them there for Meet and Greet...or the old Galaxy Theater space. And yes Pinocchios Daring Journey is a smaller footprint.... Yes, people will want the large Tokyo Tangled attraction, but people wanted the Tokyo Winnie The Pooh ride too,...that didn't stop them from putting a lesser version in the MK...lol We've got the tower and the restrooms right there...unless they boot Small World to World Showcase which will never happen, there is a chance to do something related to Tangled adjacent to the Tangled Toilets..... But I do agree the Peter Pan attraction footprint in miniscule by today's attraction standards

The Leader of the ClubMay 19, 2024

I agree that Peter Pan is too popular of an IP to be crammed in that little space. But I don’t think you can put something as big as Tangled in there without disappointing people, especially now that we’ve seen Tokyo’s. My pitch for this space has always been to bring over Pinocchio’s Daring Journey or Mr. Toad. As for the Circus, I think it has value as a place to meet the Fab 5 in MK. If you lose that, then Disney has to find new spaces to convert into Meet & Greets for Donald, Daisy, and Goofy.

BocabearMay 19, 2024

I think the smartest thing would be to abandon the current Pan and build a whole new 21st Century PPF over in the "waste Of Real Estate" that is the circus tents and splash pad....us the current PPF until the new one is completed and then open the new ride and shutter the old to repurpose as a Tangled ride or something similar...

Tha RealestMay 19, 2024

Because updating this attraction would have a negligible / nonexistent increase in likely capacity, and, if anything, make an already popular ride that much more popular. Why spend money and time tinkering with perfectly fine attractions (HM, Pirates, Peter Pan) when they should desperately be seeking to expand or do something with unused spaces (JII, Play Pavilion, Stitch, etc).

DonniePeverleyMay 19, 2024

Utter nonsense. Why not update this ?

MerlinTheGoatMay 19, 2024

I don't think it's particularly silly to expect an archaic and neglected ride to receive at least some solid updates over the years. Especially when the ride has other also old cousins across the world that have received more love and attention by comparison. There's also a reason why WDW's gets picked on more than Disneyland's version for instance. Their Pan is technically an older ride, but has received multiple major updates over the decades, especially its initial 1983 overhaul. I don't even really want a clone of Shanghai's version. I still think the best overall version right now is the one at Paris (except for the London flyover). But WDW's is a mess right now and really could use some major updates. Just bringing it up to 1980s standards would be a huge improvement.

eddie104May 19, 2024

Seriously we’re comparing a decades old attraction to something built recently? Be for real for a second and think about why this post might come off as a little silly.

wbostic12May 19, 2024

At least MK has an omnimover load versus the one in California. It is truly painful to watch everyone just step two at a time and have the ship lurch to a halt, have it be loaded and checked, and then lurch into the ride.

Animaniac93-98May 19, 2024

Disneyland did widen their vehicles though some years ago, but I also think it's a case of the weight or turn of larger vehicles that would be a concern. Still would have been a worthwhile investment in the long run.

MerlinTheGoatMay 18, 2024

I'm curious if there's a weight capacity concern with the existing structure. Or perhaps a spacial limitation with certain turns and/or scenery. DL's version of Pan never got the double row update either, despite the version at Paris being very similar and having double row seating (though I think a subtly larger show building along with a much newer track). Tokyo original Pan was previously a clone of WDW's. And while they did overhaul the scenery a few years ago, Tokyo didn't add double row seats either. Aside from the likely case of the usual neglect towards WDW attractions, TWDC may also be kicking the can down the road regarding messing with the track or vehicles in order to avoid having to adhere to modern safety regulations. They could perhaps conceivably make alterations to some of the scenery without much fuss. But if they mess with the track or vehicles, that could possibly open up a can of worms wherein they are legally forced to make much more extensive alterations to the entire building and everything within to adhere to codes.

DonniePeverleyMay 18, 2024

I recently did the Peter Pan in Shanghai. The Orlando version is embarassing.

Animaniac93-98May 18, 2024

One wonders why in the 90s when they added extra seating to Toad, Dumbo and Snow White they didn't do the same for Peter Pan.

The Empress LillyMay 18, 2024

And a great indoor queue Then again, I'll pick double capacity over standing twice as long in line, but a prettier line.