Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World Set for Major Overhaul

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad overview
Posted: Tuesday May 7, 2024 9:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is expected to close for an extended refurbishment later this year, which will see the ride closed for more than a year.

Although not yet announced by Disney, we expect plans to be confirmed soon, with the fan-favorite attraction closing as soon as September 2024. As always, be aware that timelines frequently change, so await official confirmation before making plans.

The Magic Kingdom coaster needs a significant renovation involving substantial work on the ride system. According to sources familiar with the plans, this long-planned refurbishment is crucial to ensure the ride's longevity and continued operation for years to come.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's refurbishment project will likely begin soon after Tiana's Bayou Adventure opens this summer in Frontierland. The reopening of the former Splash Mountain attraction will bring much-needed capacity to the park, allowing operations the chance to begin work on Big Thunder Mountain. The refurbishment will be the longest in the ride's history and will likely mean the ride will be closed for over a year.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's most extensive refurbishment was over ten years ago, in 2012, when it closed for four months. Since then, the coaster has had numerous short closures to ensure continued operation until this year's major refurbishment.

Disneyland's Big Thunder Railroad underwent a similar major renovation in 2012, which saw updates made to the attraction, including new ride vehicles, track replacement, and repainting portions of the mountain itself.

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UNCgolf14 days ago

I think they're much, much worse. Most of their articles are misleading (at best) clickbait.

Brian14 days ago

Their "news" coverage is pretty good. They have a number of people visiting WDW (and Disneyland) frequently and so they catch subtle changes that would otherwise go unreported on, for better or worse. They've also seemed to become more judicious about reporting on rumors after the two public smackdowns by Disney PR.

trainplane314 days ago

He even said in a video "the fence has been mended" between them and here a few months ago.

ToTBellHop14 days ago

Agreed honestly. The evil site actually reports on new food better than the food blog, which increasingly (and unsuccessfully) veers out of its lane.

danlb_200014 days ago

As someone who has been wronged by "the site that shall not be named" I have to say they have cleaned up their act quite a but and I read them every day. On the other hand I could call ITM a dumpster fire but that would be disrespectful to dumpster fires.

Ayla14 days ago

Oh, for god's sake. What garbage.

TheCoasterNerd14 days ago

ITM (and this is a REAL article) "It looks like the drop down the bayou on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is going to be a smokey one." Based on this tweet (showing smoke on Tiana's as they're sanding concrete. Just a normal part of construction) "Interestingly enough, we have not seen this smoke effect reported at Walt Disney World just yet, so this could indicate some subtle changes between both renditions of the attraction." 💀

𝕴𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖊𝖗9714 days ago

ITM: Tragedy on Big Thunder Mountain Forces Disney to Retrack Ride A young man received a paper cut in the queue of Big Thunder Mountain today while reading the park map. Sources indicate that Disney is now planning to retrack the attraction.

Brian14 days ago

ChatGPT prompt: "Write a clickbait article no less than 5,000 words to announce the water fountains near the City Hall restrooms will be closed for refurbishment July 17-18" Headline: "Disney World RATIONS Water In Scorching Summer Heat"

ToTBellHop15 days ago

I assume most ITM is AI generated, now…

Starship82415 days ago

Not just nearly, but WAY worse.

Tha Realest15 days ago

You know how many editors used to say, “always find the local angle?” That site’s editorial dictate seems to be “how can we make this about Johnny Depp?”

Andrew2515 days ago

Most Disney "Insider" Sites just pick off one another with a vague "sources indicate" comment at the top. Anything to attract a click

Zummi Gummi15 days ago

I wouldn't give ITM the clicks. They're nearly as unscrupulous as the site that shall not be named