Disney will keep phone lines open for Annual Pass cancellations as long as you join the queue by midnight tonight

Aug 11, 2020 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Today is the last day to cancel your Walt Disney World Annual Pass and some visitors are reporting problems reaching a Cast Member via the V.I.PASSHOLDER support phone lines.

Disney has now updated its website to say that a long as you are in the phone queue before midnight tonight (August 11), your call will still be handled by a Cast Member, even it its past midnight.

Read more about Annual Pass cancellations.

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Article Posted: Aug 11, 2020 / 4:47pm ET
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Amidala7 days ago

Was told by a friend who purchased the $50/a day resident deal that she was asked if she wanted to upgrade to an AP. Wondering if she misunderstood somehow? I'll be at Yacht & Beach today and I'm tempted to ask if buying the $50/a day pass and upgrading is a potential loophole for FL residents but I doubt it. Anyone else hear anything similar?

wishiwere@wdw8 days ago

Edit- never mind. See the discussion in the water park closure thread :). Am I missing a discussion somewhere else about the platinum plus being axed and refunds being issued for the water park amount for said AP’s? Basically, when your pass expires you can’t renew at the plus level any longer. Didn’t see the topic so figured I’d drop it here. Feel free to move/delete if I missed it!

RememberWhen8 days ago

What I don’t get is letting people renew, but not letting people buy new ones. It’s definitely easier for them to just shut it down than to figure out who gets to buy passes, since I’m sure one of the reasons is limiting capacity. Maybe they could just sell the highest tiers. It would weed out a few people.

matt91128 days ago

This is pretty sad. I feel like in forced to spend all my time at the competition. Granted Busch gardens has been surprising enjoyable.

Touchdown9 days ago

I don’t think APs will be sold until Park Pass is d/ced.

RememberWhen10 days ago

I’m making that same assumption. Maybe after the New Year? I think they don’t want to plan on a bunch of unhappy new pass holders who can’t get the park reservations they want for the holidays.

Unbanshee10 days ago

A guess? 2021

Amidala10 days ago

Any guesses on when Disney might start selling new APs again? I know there's no saying for sure, but I'm really hoping they'll be available by the holidays ):

mgf11 days ago

If you are willing, please post your experience in the AP Refund Watch thread.

techgeek12 days ago

Yes. Our passes expire in October, and I have a renewal link on my ‘tickets’ page on the app. I think we had a postcard show up in the mail reminding us also.

creathir12 days ago

As of Friday, nope. Personally emailed the VP of DVC and she confirmed there are no short term plans to allow this. I have a trip coming up in October, and would love to come back in Feb, but we won’t be buying day tickets to do so. They’ll be missing out on our money if they don’t let us upgrade by mid October.

doctornick12 days ago

I asking in another forum, but since this thread/forum gets a lot more traffic.... I'm wondering if Disney is allowing guests to upgrade existing tickets to APs at this time? I might make two trips next year and doing an AP would be cost effective for me if allowed. We already have existing tickets from a trip planned/postponed from this year. Is it means anything we are DVC (and I'd prefer Gold passes if possible).

Hcalvert12 days ago

Which type of AP did you have? From my calculations based on others' refunds months ago, I should be getting about $400 per AP back--a total of $1200. I have Platinum passes that expired on July 8. I have already renewed. Hopefully, Disney doesn't low ball me.

mnelson312 days ago

I’m sure this has been mentioned but what’s currently happening when APs expire? Are they allowing you to renew?