PHOTOS - New color scheme at Tomorrowland continues around the Mickey's Star Traders area

Apr 23, 2019 in "Tomorrowland"

Tomorrowland paint changes around Mickey's Star Traders - April 2019
Posted: Tuesday April 23, 2019 1:38pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland is continuing to evolve its color palette, with more color now being added around the Mickey's Star Traders area.

Similar to the colors used on Carousel of Progress, the walls are getting splashes of color and some new paint-work designs.

Updates to the Tomorrowland look have been underway for a couple of years, with the end goal presumably to ready the land for its relaunch alongside the new Tron coaster in 2021.

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MisterPenguin2 hours ago

Tomorrow is meow!

Phil123 hours ago

Yeah! And why don't they have a robotic vacuum cleaner running around the living room floor with a cat taking a sweet ride:

Tom Morrow16 hours ago

The new TTA Peoplemover narration is the best update WDW has done in a while in terms of fully understanding the assignment. Whatever team worked on it needs to be assigned to more stuff!

Kirby8617 hours ago

Woah woah woah calm down there. They just got new clothes! You're just going to have to wait for any script changes.

erasure fan117 hours ago

Not very. But you first have to give a poop. And we all know Disney doesn't. The only chance you have of Disney doing this would be if apple and sony sponsor the attraction.

brettf221 day ago

Absolutely, although I’m guessing they’d go with “smart phones” to avoid issues. This would also be easy, given the AI voice replication tech. They could even fill in new lines for Father, even though Jean Shepard is no longer with us.

tparris1 day ago

To be fair, car phones were basically cell phones before cell phones.

Animaniac93-981 day ago

How hard would it be to edit the audio so the daughter says "iphone" instead of "car phone" and grandpa says "4K discs" instead of "laserdiscs"? You wouldn't even need to change the movements of the robots.

Animaniac93-981 day ago

How wild is it that we are now living in the future that CoP predicted in its last update from 1993? We have VR games/headsets at home, everyone has an HD or 4K TV, we have voice activated electronics. We may not have "car phones" but we can plug our phones into our cars.

brettf221 day ago

Here’s an interesting thought. Given the AI-driven voice recreation technology used recently in various Star Wars properties and Top Gun, couldn’t Disney ensure that Jack Wagner continues to voice … anything? Assuming the rights could be worked out, of course.

IanDLBZF1 day ago

That and upgrade it to a fully digital system, with visual messaging signs for ADA.

castlecake2.01 day ago

He’s still the voice of DCL when you call and the pre recorded ship announcements. It was lovely to hear last week

rct2471 day ago

These are some very welcome and very nice changes!! Thank you!!!!! I'd love to see COP & TTA get even more love!!

aladdin20071 day ago

well I didnt mean that part I agree, please stand clear of the doors on the monorail should never be touched, but the rest needs to be changed so its not some boring robot voice. I thought they may have for the 50th but of course they did nothing. The previous narration before this current one was perfect but I forget his name. (monorail wise)