Tomorrowland's new walkway concrete design moves across the bridge towards the hub at the Magic Kingdom

Jul 22, 2021 in "Tomorrowland"

Tomorrowland concrete work - July 22 2021
Posted: Thursday July 22, 2021 4:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new concrete design for the Tomorrowland walkway at the Magic Kingdom is heading across the bridge and towards the hub.

All of the cog-shaped patterns on the ground have been removed and replaced with a simple long gray strip of dark concrete along the center, bordered by a lighter shade on either side.

Underneath the sign, the concrete is shaped in a diamond pattern.

Construction has been underway for several months, and it looks like the project will soon be complete.

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DoleWhipDrea23 days ago

Boy do I miss really should be there when the ride opens. It would do so much for Tomorrowland!

Simon8307927 days ago

I really hope they do similar to the rest of Tomorrowland tbh. Help integrate the land as one all over. But then again Tron next to Space Mountain will be an eye sore as they are 2 very different eras of sci fi.

Magicart87Dec 20, 2021

And if not that I'd also welcome a "Laserman: R3CONF1GUR3D" show inside an End of Line Club complete with TRON-inspired adult beverages.

J4546Dec 19, 2021

I swear, a flynns arcade would be so awesome in there

Cmdr_CrimsonDec 19, 2021

You also got to remember that the structure is way bigger when the Arcade section was still being used. Perhaps they are considering utilizing this space again to expand the size of the store... Photo from yesterland

sedatiDec 18, 2021

I'm in the camp that would prefer removal, but I'd also love it if they'd remove the entry structure. Both are eyesores and block the view of the spectacular mountain. Obviously we need to get in and out, but I'd love a full reconfiguring that obscures the mountain structure as little as possible (a full refurb post Tron would be a great time to do this.)

SplashZanderDec 18, 2021

DoleWhipDreaDec 18, 2021

👏 🤣

ToTBellHopDec 17, 2021

Maybe they could remove some of its exterior embellishments that construct the path.

trainplane3Dec 17, 2021

The fact it says exterior is killing my hope for removal. Maybe there'll be another permit for interior modification too? Gut or hefty change to the entire building? Or maybe it's to make it fit SMs theme better instead of looking bleh?

Animaniac93-98Dec 17, 2021

Get rid of it and bring back the old Space Mountain marquee with the astronauts riding in the rocket.

ToTBellHopDec 17, 2021

Hopefully removal. But I’m sure not.

danlb_2000Dec 17, 2021

Thanks, missed the C.

trainplane3Dec 17, 2021

Looking at the specific address in the permit, it's 4950 N World DR #C which would be... I wonder how invasive the work to the old arcade building will be?