New look coming to the main walkway in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom

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Tomorrowland concrete work - May 20 2021
Posted: Friday May 21, 2021 11:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The slow-paced project that began in early 2018 to update Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom is now shifting to the concrete design on the main walkway into the land from the hub.

The existing cog design looks like it is being removed in favor of a more basic design.

Large areas of the concrete have now been cut and sectioned in preparation for removal.

New concrete is already in place in some small sections near to Buzz Lightyear Spaceranger Spin.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Tomorrowland concrete work.

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BaconPancakes14 days ago

Their comments section is a big yikes too. A lot of orange tears going on...

DCBaker14 days ago

RSoxNo115 days ago

Someone through out an Arcade based unifying theme. I didn't hate it. Alternatively, I think just leaning into Futurism in IP is a much easier theme to satisfy. They just can't continue to muddle futurism with things like Monster's Inc.

oogie boogie man15 days ago

It doesn't seem like Disney knows what they're doing anymore with Tomorrowland. They should have went all the way with the alien theme. It would have been better than this rainbow explosion look.

MadTeacup15 days ago

BREAKING: Bitter Disney "fanboy" is butt-hurt about official Disney Parks Blog calling out "fansite" for rampant spread of baseless rumors

UNCgolf18 days ago

Indeed. They do a good job at posting a lot of pictures, but that's the only reason to look at anything on there.

_caleb18 days ago


owlsandcoffee18 days ago

Thank you!

UNCgolf18 days ago

No, it's a site that has news today about Disney.

owlsandcoffee18 days ago

Quick q: is the "site that shall not be named" MogBlickey? And if so...why, people share their links in comments all the time.

Father Robinson19 days ago

The site that shall not be named has photos and is reporting that most (or all) the trees in Tomorrowland's hub have been replaced with much smaller trees.

Missing20K24 days ago

Fair points regarding the surrounding area Liege:Bilbao Personally, I don't see the inspiration, and perhaps that's what made me reply. If they were perhaps inspired by the Liege station, I'd guess they had been partaking in some heady substances. As others have noted, the canopy style utilized by Tron is not novel. Disney currently seems more inclined to appropriate architectural styles and forms, whereas they used to define them.

James Alucobond24 days ago

They actually just refreshed the paint on this, so I'd imagine they plan to leave it in place at least through the 50th anniversary.

tomast24 days ago

Hi everyone, reading this post I reallize that in the retheming Disney will probably remove the Coke stand that you can see in tomorowland, if anyone goes please take some pictures for me. I am a big Coca-Cola and Disney fan, and Tomorowland was, is and probably will be one of the themes I like more in WDW. So please if anybody goes or has pictures of the coke stand please upload them here or send them to me. Thanks! BTW I mean the cool ship and the cool scanner. I love the details and the crates behind it. Also love the coke logo in "tomorowland" langugage. Wish they sold a bottle with that logo!