New look coming to the main walkway in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom

May 21, 2021 in "Tomorrowland"

Tomorrowland concrete work - May 20 2021
Posted: Friday May 21, 2021 11:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The slow-paced project that began in early 2018 to update Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom is now shifting to the concrete design on the main walkway into the land from the hub.

The existing cog design looks like it is being removed in favor of a more basic design.

Large areas of the concrete have now been cut and sectioned in preparation for removal.

New concrete is already in place in some small sections near to Buzz Lightyear Spaceranger Spin.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Tomorrowland concrete work.

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castlecake2.0Apr 24, 2022

Definitely part of the picture, world showcase has caused some issues because they know eventually most those people will need new locations in a few months

SirwalterraleighApr 24, 2022

Sounds like a direct result of no IP/reduced CP, doesn’t it?

castlecake2.0Apr 24, 2022

I was in the parks “as a guest” for most of the last two weeks and it looks like coverage is back to normal levels in what has reopened, the issue now is all the things that are still shuttered

SirwalterraleighApr 24, 2022

I’m not sure about “a bubble bursting”…there are strong signs that the long awaited recession will finally hit…and it hits travel first. But there’s little doubt that Disney’s labor deficiencies and the pent up travel demand is what we are/have seen so far this year. Labor is always the big factor they are never satisfied with in the swamp.

castlecake2.0Apr 24, 2022

With having more experience in the labor scheduling side of things recently I kinda get why they do it like this, the amount the parks spend on labor is more than I ever imagined, but it’s still in excusable for the busiest theme park in the world not to do better. They’ve been getting a bit better, tortuga tavern is open everyday now. But jeezus I wish they’d open Aunt Polly’s and Tomorrowland Terrace daily. That would help so much to spread crowds. All they need for Polly’s is some “exclusive” slushy to bait the vloggers and get people over there. I know @Sirwalterraleigh has hinted that the bubble will burst sometime this summer, but if it doesn’t they really need to take a hard look at how to spread people out in that park. Sadly their current VP had never been known for very progressive ideas though.

Animaniac93-98Apr 20, 2022

Disney be like "no, adding 10 more tables to the hot dog place on Main Street is good enough..." ;)

aladdin2007Apr 20, 2022

this, its pathetic how they are running things, they don't want to pay for anything or pay anyone, they want all guests cattle herded into one location no matter how bad the running the show now in full. once dictator chapek and other minions are out ( i know not happening sadly ) maybe things would improve.

MaximumEdApr 20, 2022

MK needs attraction capacity. They need to open all the shuttered or part time eating places like Tomorrowland Terrace, Tortuga, Diamond Horseshoe, Aunt Polly’s, etc. They have plenty of places to eat. They just keep half of them closed in MK. Build an attraction for Stitch.

SCOTLORRApr 20, 2022

Clickbait? Sure. Interesting discussion? also yes.

Disney MadduxApr 20, 2022

He mentions the exact thing I'm shocked Disney hasn't already done (nor have I really seen it mentioned here at all), expanding Cosmic Ray's into Stitch. It could really use more seating and order bays.

HauntedPirateApr 20, 2022


SCOTLORRApr 19, 2022

Really good video by Offhand Disney on youtube about the new Tomorrowland post-tron. Let's hope there are some plans to add to this land, there are lots of options: Stitch, Speedway going electric, Space Ranger spin update, etc.

DoleWhipDreaJan 03, 2022

Boy do I miss really should be there when the ride opens. It would do so much for Tomorrowland!

Simon83079Dec 29, 2021

I really hope they do similar to the rest of Tomorrowland tbh. Help integrate the land as one all over. But then again Tron next to Space Mountain will be an eye sore as they are 2 very different eras of sci fi.