Disney gives the main Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland walkway a much simpler look

Jun 23, 2021 in "Tomorrowland"

Tomorrowland concrete work - June 22 2021
Posted: Wednesday June 23, 2021 8:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The main walkway into Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom is taking on a very different look as work continues to update the land.

Nearly all of the cog-shaped patterns on the ground have been removed and replaced with a simple long gray strip of dark concrete along the center, bordered by a lighter shade on either side.

The work is continuing all the way onto the bridge linking the hub, which should see all of the cogs removed in the coming weeks.

The refresh of Tomorrowland is a very slow-moving process, which saw work begin back in 2016. Along with the new concrete work, new color schemes have been introduced on most of the buildings.

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MadTeacup7 days ago

I wholly disagree. That puke orange was absolutely terrible and did not look natural to me. The metallic blue kind of gives me crystal or ore vibes. It also fits the overall color scheme of the current Tomorrowland much better and compliments the other colors visible in the hub. I appreciate where you're coming from, but logistically this wouldn't work well. Just imagine how often the glass would need cleaned and how difficult it would be to clean. It would end up looking pretty bad most of the time. Also, I prefer the kinetics of moving water to lighting that would only show up at night.

Bocabear10 days ago

The scale it needs to be to look right, that would be an enormous amount of glass...Like hundreds of sheets of glass... And by day it would just look like glas...at night you could project water... I would prefer the real water... In the end cheaper and better looking.

roj232310 days ago

Honestly just some waterfall glass and lighting would do the trick. It doesn't need to be an actual water feature.

Bocabear10 days ago

Not only that, but they have since solved that problem in how to do beautifully patterned water effects with extremely minimal splashing... The tech is there so that now they could make those giant Gull Wing Waterfalls work perfectly...and create a monumental and engaging entrance into Tomorrowland.

DznyRktekt10 days ago

Agreed, that would be so nice. The water could be projection mapped and morph into code or circuit boards, etc., eliminating the wet pavement argument.

Cmdr_Crimson10 days ago

Bring back the Towers...

Cmdr_Crimson10 days ago

I wonder if they would switch the music loop to the Tokyo version while basically the same loop it's composed differently and would fit that "techy-tron" vibe..

sy27810 days ago

Worst thing they ever did was paint those rocks that hideous blue. The real rock look at least looked natural and added another splash of colour that was not out of place.

James Alucobond10 days ago

If true,

Lil Copter Cap10 days ago

Hearing reports that the entrance rocks will be removed at some point. I’ll be incredibly happy when that happens.

celluloid10 days ago

It is 100 percent true. They were brought in from Hurricane Andrew's Aftermath areas.

owlsandcoffee10 days ago

What better way to celebrate the opening of MK than by having TL be in a kind of embarrassing unfinished state.

James Alucobond11 days ago

I think Tomorrowland will be the one area that continues to be worked on throughout the 50th. They're obviously racing to "finish" every other section, but since Tron is already delayed beyond the start of the celebration, I think they're just accepting that one land will have to remain a work in progress. Honestly, construction on a Stitch replacement or at least a "coming soon" wall would be less depressing than the empty building and could build excitement for future trips with all the folks passing through the park.

dreday311 days ago

One of the coolest things I learned (from a vlog!) is that in Seuss Landing, everything is curved/no straight lines, including the trees! They brought in palm trees that were bent from hurricanes and planted them all over Seuss Landing! (please don't tell me this isn't true...)