PHOTOS - New Tomorrowland entrance marquee unveiled at the Magic Kingdom

Sep 17, 2019 in "Tomorrowland"

Tomorrowland bridge marquee 2019

Tomorrowland's new entrance marquee was installed overnight, continuing the return to a more minimalist look for the Magic Kingdom's land of tomorrow.

Finally for comparison, here is a look at the former marquee.

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Article Posted: Sep 17, 2019 / 2:21pm ET
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michmousefan4 days ago

Looks like they added the sign for CoP at the entrance as well...

Magicart874 days ago

Interesting that Cosmic Rays/Starlight Cafe is painted in it's true-to-park coloring but unique in that it differs from the rest of Tomorrowland's park map color scheme, which is uniformly blue in color. Makes me wonder what the future has in store for Cosmic Ray's.

kevlightyear4 days ago

Tomorrowland got a refresh with the recent map update. Many (but not all) fins removed from Wedway track. Stitch sign removed. Colors added/updated everywhere. New Monster's sign added. Sizing of lots of items adjusted. Previous version for reference:

trainplane310 days ago

Stretching the TL-ness here but it's nice to have the song used in a major ad campaign:

Sir_Cliff22 days ago

I feel pretty much the same way. It's hard to know where we'll all be by next October, but it kind of doesn't feel the time to be planning a big splashy anniversary campaign right now. A "welcome back" campaign when things start getting back to normal does sound a good direction, and I'm sure they'll stick a "For fifty years..." somewhere in those ads!

The Empress Lilly22 days ago

Well for once I can forgive WDW for not celebrating. (Not that anything special was planned sans covid) Tron is looming large on the horizon. I can ascribe to the strategy of foregoing the 50th for a 'welcome back' campaign featuring Tron, Rat, Guardians. WDW will need to re-find an audience rather than have a temporary campaign to lure repeat visitors.

Bocabear22 days ago

It seems too late to actually do anything substantial for the 50th in Tomorrowland... The smallest addition or attraction takes more than 2 years of construction... And while I appreciate adding to Disney's Hollywood Studios after shuttering most of it's attractions and letting it languish until they absolutely HAD to do something with it, seems like they are forgetting their flagship park in it's 50th year... Knowing that Tron will not open until after the anniversary, what actually are they doing to the Magic Kingdom for the 50th? ok Cupcake parties are a given. and merchandise... But what a bust the 50th is going to be!

The Empress Lilly22 days ago

Yes but now that the MK at 20m attracts double the 10m it was designed for Disney employees can't manage all these people so must reduce space so they can. TL is much better with two attractions closed (Mission/Stitch, Skyway), one ride reduced in half (Speedway), one theater converted into management parking space, and one QS restaurant converted into a private event space. I especially love that last one, it offers to my family an opportunity to buy for $500 a temporary relief from the oppressive crowds created by converting public spaced into upcharge ones. We need that rest from all our instagrammable 'pretending to be happy' moments we shot at painted walls that former fountain, tree and bench spaces have been converted into!

lazyboy97o22 days ago

Maybe there could be a small exhibit explaining how "Disney is a business" and therefore the world's most visited theme park must have abandoned and underutilized guest space from when it was intended to host far fewer people.

The Empress Lilly22 days ago

A Welcome to Tomorrowland event, tentative plans to use the MILF space? My guess is an AP exclusive pop-up store with temporary 'Goodbye Forever PeopleMover' merchandise.

DoleWhipDrea23 days ago

Perhaps this “Welcome to Tomorrowland” will be some sort of exhibit for the rumored “thing” going into either MILF or SGE for the 50th?

trainplane323 days ago

True but could make sense if Disney wants to announce something. We know they like to announce first, breakground (or begin work) 6 months to a year later. Or it's something else. Who knows?

aladdin200723 days ago

Doesn't make sense with the majority of attractions shuttered for the foreseeable

trainplane323 days ago

Anyone hear any rumblings of this?