PHOTOS - New Tomorrowland entrance marquee unveiled at the Magic Kingdom

Sep 17, 2019 in "Tomorrowland"

Tomorrowland bridge marquee 2019
Posted: Tuesday September 17, 2019 2:21pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tomorrowland's new entrance marquee was installed overnight, continuing the return to a more minimalist look for the Magic Kingdom's land of tomorrow.

Finally for comparison, here is a look at the former marquee.

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Magicart878 minutes ago

'Til we get booze in Tomorrowland. #EndofLineClub

Heppenheimer47 minutes ago

Personally, I'd prefer a greener Tomorrowland, rather than a return to mid-century Le Corbusier-inspired concrete and Brutalism. Particularly in the heat of Florida.

MisterPenguin1 hour ago

Maybe now the guests will walk in a straight line and stop drifting right and left.

J45461 hour ago

that woulda been cool if the middle darker pathway was full of fiber optics and at night it glowed/shimmered/flickered

Magicart871 hour ago

An inspired design choice. The very pinnacle of concrete creativity.

trainplane31 hour ago

This actually isn't turning out as badly as I expected it. It fits with the classic TL look they're going for (or were going for before the budget got nuked):

BaconPancakes14 days ago

Their comments section is a big yikes too. A lot of orange tears going on...

DCBaker15 days ago

RSoxNo115 days ago

Someone through out an Arcade based unifying theme. I didn't hate it. Alternatively, I think just leaning into Futurism in IP is a much easier theme to satisfy. They just can't continue to muddle futurism with things like Monster's Inc.

oogie boogie man15 days ago

It doesn't seem like Disney knows what they're doing anymore with Tomorrowland. They should have went all the way with the alien theme. It would have been better than this rainbow explosion look.

MadTeacup15 days ago

BREAKING: Bitter Disney "fanboy" is butt-hurt about official Disney Parks Blog calling out "fansite" for rampant spread of baseless rumors

UNCgolf19 days ago

Indeed. They do a good job at posting a lot of pictures, but that's the only reason to look at anything on there.

_caleb19 days ago


owlsandcoffee19 days ago

Thank you!