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Tomorrowland refurbishment - September 3 2020

The work on the new-look for Tomorrowland which began back in 2016 is continuing, with several significant changes over the past few weeks.

First, the scaffolding on the right-hand side as you enter the land is now down, giving us a look at the renovated plain white PeopleMover supports.

At the former Stitch's Great Escape entrance, all signage has now been removed.

Elsewhere, the supports are in various stages of renovation - some stripped to the steel, others down nearing completion.

Click the gallery for more of a look around the entirety of Tomorrowland.

The refurbishments are expected to be completed in time for opening of TRON Lightcycle Run in 2021.

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Article Posted: Sep 11, 2020 / 9:46am ET
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JoeCamel21 hours ago

Um, if lots of people liked it before and fewer people like it now it is a step backwards. It is garish and either does or does not look good depending on the lighting, time of day and who is taking a picture of it. A fail

yensidtlaw196921 hours ago

The paint scheme for Cinderella Castle did in fact change a number of times over those 48 years - but it always stayed within the general vicinity of the original color palette. The precise greys and blues did change on more than one occassion, and even some beiges were added about 15 years ago or so. But in any shade and saturation, they managed to make the overall image always read as the iconic Cinderella Castle. This new scheme is too far a modification to do that. Which would be fine if the new interpretation knocked everyone's socks off, but it demonstrably doesn't.

Chicken Guy1 day ago

Don't deny that with or without research, you would be hard-pressed to find many people who didn't like the way the castle looked before. And as for the '96 and Stitch overlays, those were different because they were quite obviously meant to be temporary. Everyone knew that Disney wasn't going to keep the castle as a giant birthday cake with a "25" on the front, nor were they going to keep it covered in toilet paper for all time.

FigmentFan821 day ago

I'm glad you took a poll of the universe to get that stat. Many like it. Many don't. Can't be a step backwards if there are people who like it

Bocabear1 day ago

When it is not universally loved the way the original colors were, it is not lateral... It is a step backwards. If we knew for example that it was just temporary for the Anniversary, then I think a lot of people would relax but it has been stated on these forums that it is remaining... and it just looks GARISH.

FigmentFan821 day ago

But that's just it. If something doesn't change and that is all you know, then you don't have anything to compare to. At which point birthday cake castle and stitch castle need to be in the conversation, as they were in fact changes that divided people. So it's less a backwards step and more of a lateral step.

mandstaft1 day ago

Especially true after 2am! 🤣

yensidtlaw19691 day ago

Compare that to the last 48 years, where Cinderella Castle's paint job was pretty universally loved, and you see how this becomes a backwards step. 1996 notwithstanding, of course.

Bocabear1 day ago

Problem is, once they put that store in, it will never return to attraction space... But in the meantime, Overhaul Star Traders with that concept...Yes Please... But don't replace an attraction with a store...ever.

Bocabear1 day ago

It is hard to believe they ever did that to Disneyland... The Paris Disneyland Space Mountain works because it was designed to be that steampunk aesthetic...with the cannon and all... But to just apply the paint and expect the same sort of look... nope. Perhaps if the budget was not hobbled during the development, the Steak Punk Discoveryland style revamp would have worked, but everything they did was an epic failure leaving their Tomorrowland gutted...At least they have a much better Raceway than we do...

IMDREW1 day ago

The thing is, its not an attraction now. So its replacing empty space with a fun store. I am all for a new ride, but dont see that in the cards for the 50th. So then I’d rather have something like this than nothing at all. Totally agree with what you say though.

_caleb1 day ago

Maybe they’re cutting a hole in the side of Space Mountain so they can replace the rickety old track.

kevlightyear1 day ago

Hopefully they aren't planning on giving it a suntan with any leftover castle paint.

trainplane31 day ago

Let's not replace an attraction with a store, please.