Work taking place on EPCOT'S island based lasers ahead of Harmonious

Apr 28, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Work on Harmonious island lasers
Posted: Wednesday April 28, 2021 10:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Most the attention on Harmonious is very much in the center of World Showcase Lagoon, but work is also underway on the land based effects that make up a big part of EPCOT'S nighttime shows.

The island based lasers that were added during 2014 for Reflections of Earth are now getting some attention, although it is unclear what is being done.

The laser currently being worked on is on the island closest to the France pavilion.

There is still no opening date for the show beyond 2021, but we continue to hear chatter that the return of fireworks is very much in consideration and remains very firmly in Walt Disney World's plans.

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nickys1 hour ago

You’re in Tokyo? That drone show was part of the Opening Ceremony. I would love to see Disney do something like that with drones.

mandstaft1 hour ago

We watched this last night, and I said to my wife, “That has EPCOT written all over it!”

BasiltheBatLord20 hours ago

I was there last night and didn't even see this somehow.

Vinnie Mac21 hours ago

Could you imagine an updated ROE with a drone globe opening up?

mnelson321 hours ago

Now that would be a Wow moment.

brettf2221 hours ago

If this is replacing some failed equipment (and seemingly a very minimal amount of equipment, given the size of this installation), it would not be that abnormal. Failures in electronics tend to show up at the very beginning and the very end of their expected life cycle. The biggest difference here is that the testing and replacement is out for all the world to see, instead of hidden away inside a show building.

mnelson31 day ago


Thelazer1 day ago

As I've OFTEN said, the globe could have been easily rebuilt using a newer much more high res (and lightweight) led panel and it could have wrapped the whole globe.. the "mapping" to knock out the contents etc, could be all done thru playback. Just that one simple change would have been enough for them to keep that show going another 10 years at least. MAYBE that and take the existing barges and plop some new fountains on them.. that's all it needed.

mightynine1 day ago

They'll put up sheets of plywood first, just like you're supposed to do in a hurricane. ;)

mnelson31 day ago

Ahh the possibilities of what could have been in a ROE remake. Instead we get a flat water screen and moving arms…. Big wow moment there 🙄

wdwmagic2 days ago

No it is lighting unit replacements. I would very doubt any changes would be made to actual infrastructure at this point. These were direct swap outs.

mnelson32 days ago

Wishful thinking they are adding more fountain heads. One of the issues is they are spaced out to far. If they were more of them and closer together it would look better.

mnelson32 days ago

Wouldn’t they be replacing all of them though? Looks like it was just one of the barges.

nickys2 days ago

It would be great if they would “adjust” by removing the damn things. 😔