EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular in 2023

Sep 11, 2022 in "Harmonious"

Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 2:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT's poorly received new nighttime show Harmonious will close at the end of Walt Disney World's 50th celebration to be replaced by an all-new show.

Announced by Disney Parks chairman Josh D'Amaro at D23 Expo, a new show is in development to debut in late 2023.

No further details were offered, but expect to hear more about this soon.

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maxairmike2 hours ago

I don't think there's any way for them to fit enough pyro on the Luminous barges to do the usual 4th of July show. πŸ˜‚

Starship8244 hours ago

Yeah I'm wondering if it says, maybe its related to 4th of July? I hope it stays. Some of it seems like it could be permanent, but a lot of it looks like it maybe is just left over the pyro from a 4th of July test. Also, do we know if they're still going to use the World war 3 barges anymore or if they're just going to use luminous from now on? They used WWIII for NYE.

Trekkie1014 hours ago

There was some sort of tech issue with them. The show was delayed 20/25 minutes also, while boat crews went to the barges.

gerarar4 hours ago

Good catch! Interesting additions, especially after the heartbeat pyros at the end. Let's see if this lasts for a couple more days. Will probably make another comparison video if it stays permanent. Wonder if it has to do with the overhead filming that's been going around at the parks.

Starship8244 hours ago

Luminous had a lot of extra pyro tonight especially from I see the Light until the end. Tonight: Before:

DCBaker14 hours ago

See this photo from @SplashJacket: As seen in this post:

Chef idea Mickey`=14 hours ago

Where? Harmonious? Is there a picture.. how you know this concept

jrhwdw17 hours ago

Since we're on USF, is it me or does CineS have smaller Pyro(size wise) than CineCele? I realize there can't be a big finale with the Globe Drones....

maxairmike18 hours ago

Just a note, the kind of pyro used in this instance (CineSational) is heavily impacted by the surrounding features and where it’s being launched from. I’m definitely glad they kept Luminous focused on fireworks, though.

Starship82419 hours ago

Not trying to turn this into a CineSational thread, but even though that show is incredible, I'm still glad Disney is doing large pyro heavy shows. They could've easily made this a screen heavy show with drones and minimal pyro and made the average guest happy but I'm glad they went so pyro heavy with this.

Starship82419 hours ago

I think it's because some of lighting and fountains shine through the sides so you wouldn't be able to see them otherwise.

Vinnie Mac23 hours ago

I still wonder why they got rid of this

stuart1 day ago

They did experiment early on with a tarp on a barge (or maybe a couple) of the earth in a dark navy colour and looked as if it was a from an image of the RoE earth barge actually. It certainly hid the guts of the barges.

easyrowrdw2 days ago

Apparently those days are linked to my Epcot park reservations. I’ll try to stay away for the benefit of others. πŸ˜‚