Recent Harmonious test shows impressive capabilities of the lighting systems

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Harmonious testing April 7 2021

A recent test of one the Harmonious show platform barges has demonstrated some of the capability of the lighting system.

In this video below you can see the France platform cycling through some movements of the lighting fixtures that line the upper edge of the video display. (View a 4K version here)

Each of the barge platforms is packed with lighting fixtures, and looking at the range of motion and speed that we see here, they should deliver an incredible light show.

Elsewhere in the lagoon, a tent is in position in the center of the central icon barge which looks like it may be serving as a base of operation for the install/test crew.

Work has also been underway on the eight small pyro platforms that will provide some of the wider firework effects for the show.

There is still no opening date for the show beyond 2021, but we continue to hear chatter that the return of fireworks is very much in consideration and remains very firmly in Walt Disney World's plans.

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Article Posted: Apr 08, 2021 / 8:56am ET
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Chomama32 minutes ago

The children voices were so creepy

hosekiller2 hours ago

All over. I’m more of a weekend hobbyist when it comes to Disney, and I typically fall middle of the road when it comes to my opinions on changes. But this is pretty rough even for someone like me. I didn’t take pictures, but I walked World Showcase from one end to the other, and they’re always there. You can’t get away from them.

trainplane33 hours ago

I'm sure someone else will beat me to it but I'll be there for the first week of May.

Magic Feather3 hours ago

Now that we have all barges out, I wonder if anyone on the ground could give an update on what areas what things (specifically the center screen) are visible from

RSoxNo14 hours ago

There's something weird going on with the sky in the middle/right of this photo. It's as if the clouds are squared off.

RSoxNo14 hours ago

Remember when we were upset that waterfront restaurants in Mexico and Morocco were ruining the visuals of World Showcase? Those were the days.

RSoxNo14 hours ago

Sea World is a fun park, but it's been a hard sell for the family post Blackfish.

MisterPenguin5 hours ago

Sir_Cliff5 hours ago

I don't know, for me having the songs in different languages is about the only thing that could make a show featuring Disney music on World Showcase Lagoon somewhat palatable!

mnelson35 hours ago

Was just looking back and found these posts again. Makes me very nervous what we will be hearing lol, mostly the language thing.

mnelson315 hours ago

Content gets reused all the time. Good example the HEA theme song is not original to WDW, WDWs “Let The Memories Begin” was reused in Tokyo, etc.

GimpYancIent16 hours ago

What does anything that SD is doing have to do with anything WDW is doing? Comparing apples to oranges.

durangojim16 hours ago

I think I’ve figure out how to fix the barge monstrosities. Since their high def screens have cameras show what’s on the other side and use the technology in the Mandalorian to change the perspective for what people see. Imagineers get on it! Lol

mnelson31 day ago

Of course we don’t know what songs will be used in Harm, but one would assume it would be Disney’s songs that represent each country. If that isn’t the case and they go way off track lol, I wouldn’t be against them bringing over the “Try Everything” segment from Shanghai’s new show. And for those that haven’t seen it No it’s not sung by Shakira lol. It’s a not as upbeat choir version of the song leading into the finale. For a IP filled show it was quite well done IMO. And before Martin or anyone comments on that lol, I will, “Well done for a “Castle Show” 🤣. I do hate to compare a Epcot nighttime show to a castle park show, but we certainly haven’t been made to think anything different. That being said, it’s a very common thing now a days for parts of nighttime shows around the world to be reused in other shows.