Recent Harmonious test shows impressive capabilities of the lighting systems

Apr 08, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious testing April 7 2021
Posted: Thursday April 8, 2021 8:56am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A recent test of one the Harmonious show platform barges has demonstrated some of the capability of the lighting system.

In this video below you can see the France platform cycling through some movements of the lighting fixtures that line the upper edge of the video display. (View a 4K version here)

Each of the barge platforms is packed with lighting fixtures, and looking at the range of motion and speed that we see here, they should deliver an incredible light show.

Elsewhere in the lagoon, a tent is in position in the center of the central icon barge which looks like it may be serving as a base of operation for the install/test crew.

Work has also been underway on the eight small pyro platforms that will provide some of the wider firework effects for the show.

There is still no opening date for the show beyond 2021, but we continue to hear chatter that the return of fireworks is very much in consideration and remains very firmly in Walt Disney World's plans.

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SoFloMagic13 hours ago

No festival July 6-14, so if they don't wanna start em before the 4th, that would be a perfect window. Less crowds, potentially extra cast free to manage crowds without booths to run...but my guess is July 2 at both MK and epcot

MansionButler8413 hours ago


SpectroMickey8514 hours ago

Sorry to add to you alls date debate for fireworks at Epcot haha but what about the start of the Food and Wine Festival on July 15th?

mnelson314 hours ago

@marni1971 Will the placement of the EF barges be different now than how they were before the Harm barges were brought out? I think yes? Just watched a video and maybe they don’t need to be placed differently… Hard to tell.

Movielover17 hours ago

Juney????? ;)

Disney Dead Head17 hours ago

Curious as to why you think Epcot will be EF and not Harmonious? when they bring then back? why would they bring something back that doesn't fit with the existing barges and our operational Tents that have been set up.......

marni197122 hours ago

Yep. Watch this space. Soon.

SoFloMagic22 hours ago

Early on in a month ending in y is what I'm thinking.

marni197122 hours ago

If I’m thinking of the one you’re thinking of then yes!

SoFloMagic22 hours ago

Still thinking the same timeframe?

SpectroMickey8522 hours ago

Great to hear!

marni197122 hours ago

I expect it to be HEA and EF.

SpectroMickey8522 hours ago

The return of any kind of fireworks is exciting! :)

marni197122 hours ago

Return of fireworks.