Recent Harmonious test shows impressive capabilities of the lighting systems

Apr 08, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious testing April 7 2021
Posted: Thursday April 8, 2021 8:56am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A recent test of one the Harmonious show platform barges has demonstrated some of the capability of the lighting system.

In this video below you can see the France platform cycling through some movements of the lighting fixtures that line the upper edge of the video display. (View a 4K version here)

Each of the barge platforms is packed with lighting fixtures, and looking at the range of motion and speed that we see here, they should deliver an incredible light show.

Elsewhere in the lagoon, a tent is in position in the center of the central icon barge which looks like it may be serving as a base of operation for the install/test crew.

Work has also been underway on the eight small pyro platforms that will provide some of the wider firework effects for the show.

There is still no opening date for the show beyond 2021, but we continue to hear chatter that the return of fireworks is very much in consideration and remains very firmly in Walt Disney World's plans.

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bcoachable3 days ago

I actually like this version of Harmonious.... Thanks for sharing

Vinnie Mac3 days ago

So I decided to watch HarmonioUS while playing the Illuminations soundtrack. Was a little strange but oddly enough a couple of the parts matched somewhat well?

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

It was insane. The theme park community on Roblox is one dedicated community. Haven't gotten that excited over a kid game in so long.

trainplane35 days ago

I saw that too. Tons of effort went into that and it came out great considering the limits of Roblox. The fact the arms move correctly is really neat.

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

Alright so I know most people here probably don't even know what Roblox is, but I just wanted to share this with anyone who's interested. A group called "WED Imagineering" recreated HarmonioUS in the game Roblox. Gotta say, was pretty impressive.

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

I've noticed that the Stargate projections don't break as often as they used to.

Squishy6 days ago

Seems like they do a lot of Disney shows MBA collaborated with Disney to produce these wonderfully magic moments from parks around the world. Projects range from castle projection shows from Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and Disneyland to musical Broadway-style spectaculars on Disney Cruise Lines, water projection shows at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, California Adventure and Disneyland and much more.

trainplane36 days ago

It looks like Martin Brinkerhoff Associates had a hand in the show? Not anything we haven't seen before but some unique angles. A company with over a quarter century of creativity, international expertise, a portfolio of thousands of projects, a passion for technical wizardry, and a can-do attitude. Whether it's an entertainment spectacle, live performance, business meeting or gala...whether the audience is thousands, hundreds, or one at a time… We Create the Experience. MBA puts the MULTI in multimedia, blending theatrical performance with projection mapping, video production, lighting, sound and story to amaze, engage and inspire.

Skibum19708 days ago

Did somebody remember to cover up that little hole that would allow an explosion to take the whole thing down? I like SSE and, with its normal stoppages while riding, I don't want to become another victim of the Rebellion's aggressive and uncalled for attacks.

TikibirdLand8 days ago

Skibum19708 days ago

Good night!!! They're going to blow up Spaceship Earth!!!!

Crazydisneyfanluke8 days ago

I believe the laser hits SSE. It shouldn't be a problem.

Disney Analyst8 days ago

Are they broken or turned off? I know at DCA for World of Color, the higher lasers will get turned off during the show due to planes and stuff.

HauntedPirate8 days ago

But… but… $lappie said everyone loves Disney songs! What’s wrong with you monsters!?!?!