Fifth and final major piece of hardware now in World Showcase lagoon for the upcoming Harmonious show at EPCOT

Apr 07, 2021 in "Harmonious"

Fourth Harmonious fin barge (Germany) in position
Posted: Wednesday April 7, 2021 10:58am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The fifth and final show platform barge for the upcoming Harmonious nighttime spectacular is now in place in World Showcase lagoon at EPCOT.

Named the "Germany" barge, the fin-shaped platform will provide fountains, LED screen and firework effects for the show.

See the video below for a look from various locations around World Showcase, and click the gallery for more pictures.

The barge was brought out overnight on Tuesday from the backstage marina where it was being assembled.

With all the hardware now in the lagoon, it leaves crews with everything they need to finished preparing the show platforms with testing and programming.

An opening date for Harmonious is not yet available, although Disney has said they expect it to debut in 2021.

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Epcot_Imagineer1 minute ago

In trying to not be as negative - I will say that it doesn't look bad. It really looks like they spent a lot of money on it. The lights, kinetic movement of the structures, and water screens will surely be impressive; I'm just unsure it will ever be able to make up for just how bad it looks during the day time. ROE was beautiful, but if all of the barges stayed out on the lake all day, without the grand reveal and movement of the globe barge, I don't think it would be remembered as fondly.

HauntedPirate3 minutes ago

Only in your delusional world.

mnelson323 minutes ago

The fountains are indeed what we have seen in daytime tests, unfortunately. I was hoping and expecting more. The issue is the fountains are spaced out way to much.

Cliff25 minutes ago

Anybody know if these are these for the new "Epcot Forever 2.0" or for "HarmonioUS"

James Alucobond32 minutes ago

Yeah, it's a bit ...

IMDREW35 minutes ago

looks a little messy tbh

James Alucobond40 minutes ago

I just want to see the actual daytime mode so I can know how badly they murdered my boy. 😢

CastAStone46 minutes ago

I agree. I’m sure the show will be spectacular, because Disney is pretty good at this, and because everyone who knows this show has said it will be, if nothing else, impressive. That doesn’t absolve them of the barges, but both things can be true that the show is impressive and the barges make WS worse in the daytime.

dreday349 minutes ago

Well, I think it will look much better in person (when it's being used for the show I mean), I'm sure it will be a great show. :)

ShookieJones51 minutes ago

I know this is just pics and we have to wait to see this in person, but unless this show transports me to another lush beautiful planet with two fistfuls of delicious tacos I am not seeing anything here that justifies the mistake on the lake.

mnelson354 minutes ago

Being honest? It looks like a new ugly version of Rivers Of Light with pyro….

creathir55 minutes ago

Blah. I hope it’s more impressive in person. To leave so much show onset and have something so boring looking…

monothingie55 minutes ago

The phrase “Too big to fail” seems to just keep coming up in my mind every time I see the mistake in the lake.

Epcot_Imagineer1 hour ago

Is this just going to be a less impressive version of World of Color with fireworks and none of the engineering to make it disappear during the day?