The dismantling of Harmonious gets underway on EPCOT's World Showcase Lagoon

Apr 05, 2023 in "Harmonious"

Harmonious barge dismantling - April 5 2023
Posted: Wednesday April 5, 2023 9:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews are working in the center of World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT, dismantling the Harmonious show barges.

Work is concentrating on the German "taco" video barge, which looks like it will be the first to be removed from the lagoon, clearing the way for the larger central icon barge to be moved backstage to the marina.

Crews are stripping the barge of lighting and other hardware. Each barge is a complex piece of machinery equipped with pyrotechnic launchers, fountain pumps and piping, lighting, LED screens, computer control systems, fire suppression, and air conditioning.

Although most of the work is taking place on the Germany barge, crews are also removing lighting from the central icon platform.

Backstage, a large crane is ready to move the barges out of the marina and position them on the site originally prepared to build Harmonious.

Disney has not yet given a timeframe for the total removal of the Harmonious hardware, but our estimates put the work at around 6 weeks.

With Harmonious now dark, the interim EPCOT Forever show is being performed, which does not rely on any Harmonious hardware. A new show is currently in development, set to debut this fall.

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wbostic1219 days ago

Does anyone know what is going on with lighting in Canada? The past few shows I’ve seen either the popcorn lights or the sparkle-strobes have been on throughout the show. I know the popcorn lights were on constantly during the pavilion’s renovation, but I thought that was over at this point.

TTA9421 days ago

Pre show with announcement:

ToTBellHop21 days ago

I’ll take the EWP on trailers “sailing” down MSUSA.

TTA9422 days ago

Even if it’s the old MSEP? Lol. But at this point I think most of us would still be happy.

ToTBellHop22 days ago

They get that back and I won’t even care that DAK closes at sunset. It will honestly be nice to have one park I don’t feel compelled to stay out late in.

Vinnie Mac22 days ago

Looks like this is happening too apparently :)

SaucyBoy22 days ago

Absolutely!!! December ‘23 was the first time I’ve been at Epcot at night since 2022 when I saw Horrendous for the first and only time. Now we just need a night parade back and we are in another golden era.

Chef idea Mickey`=22 days ago

Yesss, I absolutely captured a beautiful clear heart from a simple video I took with my phone from up there!

gerarar22 days ago

The finale from the Riviera is simply wonderful. You can even still see the heartbeats from that far away. The video linked below even has a "It's a heart" reaction from a guest! 💗 Also tbh, I think the recent soundtrack recordings that have been popping up on YouTube came from this resort, it's lacking the same bass as some of these "source" recordings.

gerarar22 days ago

It's so nice to have a great nighttime spectacular show in each of the parks again (excluding AK because...reasons). I completely skipped Epcot at night on my recent 5-day trip last October. Because of that I saw HEA on 2 nights (only nights without MNSSHP) and Fantasmic! the other 3 nights (total of 6 times since x2 nightly F! shows). Epcot Forever was just simply skippable after seeing it back in 2019 and no more kites. Now if I were to make a trip, I would have to do all 3 parks at night throughout. Could even do some MK to Epcot or Epcot to HS park hopping to see multiple shows in one night. Makes me so excited as a parks/nighttime spectacular fan lol.

Vinnie Mac22 days ago

To be honest it grew on me a lot. Went from a D- to a C+ for me

Vinnie Mac22 days ago

Pumped for that drone show. Like you said we just need a DAK nighttime show and we'll have solid nighttime entertainment for each park (even Disney Springs!)

jrhwdw22 days ago

Besides the Price, HEA & DE in 1 Night.....I don't see the Problem.

ToTBellHop22 days ago

Glad its three fans can watch it if they shell out $200…