More equipment staged in World Showcase lagoon to begin work on EPCOT's new nighttime spectacular

May 03, 2023 in "Harmonious"

Posted: Wednesday May 3, 2023 1:36pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

As work continues dismantling Harmonious backstage, crews continue to assemble more equipment in World Showcase lagoon to prepare for EPCOT's new nighttime spectacular.

Multiple poseidon barges have been docked in the lagoon for several weeks, and additional equipment is now being staged on the floating work platforms.

EPCOT's new nighttime show, set to debut this fall, will have a much simpler hardware setup than Harmonious. It remains to be seen what additional work is needed in the lagoon, but the poseidon work barges suggest there may be new mooring points for additional firework barges.

Two of the Harmonious barges are still in the lagoon, awaiting space in the backstage marina before being scrapped.

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wbostic1210 days ago

I know there was some talk about the soundtrack being redone late in the game, but were any more details released about what that entailed? I know shows like the original WOC were changed an enormous amount, is this the same case here, or were there only small soundtrack adjustments that also coincided with slower than expected barge construction (as I remember, the center barge only arrived 2 days prior to the premiere). Any insight on this @wdwmagic?

ToTBellHop11 days ago

The melody is the buh BUH buuuuuuuh buuh that plays every 24 seconds at the front of the park. They just didn’t create lyrics that could accompany it like HEA has. If you’d like, you can sing “go spend moooooooney” along with those notes every time you hear them.

llewmmu11 days ago

After listening to the original tracks a hundred times since they became available, I realized something odd. For being a show with the tagline "The Symphony of Us", I can't make out a discernible melody. I can remember the lryics and how they're sung, but you know how you know the melody for Happily Ever After or ROE or Fantasmic? I couldn't remember there being any for this show. And to make sure I wasn't crazy, I used a tool to (mostly) remove the vocals from Beating of Our Hearts and It's just really, how do I put this, bland? The music doesn't feel composed with any sort of thought, just created with the goal of filling its place; like how Junkie XL's movie scores are composed. It doesn't sound bad, but it just doesn't have an identity. I don't know if this happened because of the recomposition that was executive mandated at the last hour but it's just so odd especially for a Disney fireworks show. (I can post some other tracks if people really want to hear them, but they aren't any better and I didn't want to spam this thread with a bunch of blank videos.)

Chef idea Mickey`=11 days ago

Mmm Striving to be so much that it has a pause gap in which people who didn't get or liked Illumination's ROE critiqued the sections that had no fireworks. Luminous is about Human Life so that alone isn't a show that makes you say it celebrates or represents Epcot but goes 50%. Luminous is a kind or show with message that unlike ROE could be moved to Animal Kingdom or Sea World of course removing the Disney IP music and no one would ever think that was an Epcot show or original music for Epcot Only... We Go On has that Epcot voices of Liberty touch that is significantly disney and the main singer's voice Kellie Coffey on that and "Promise" is a force to be reckon with just like Epcot is supposed to be.

Chef idea Mickey`=11 days ago

WELL..That's out of the conclusion because I just found my Harmonious Sprite Jersey and Pin 😁😂 ooh watch out! 🤣🤣🤣

Chef idea Mickey`=11 days ago

If they want that then there's only two scenarios bring back Illumination's ROE in some form, and bring in elements from Epcot Forever to it or vice versa!

Chef idea Mickey`=11 days ago

As if hearing You'll Be in My Heart and Friend Like Me and I see the light AGAIN like will do the trick...🙄 If they want that then there's only two scenarios bring back Illumination's ROE in some form, and bring in elements from Epcot Forever to it or vice versa!

pigglewiggle12 days ago

Maybe reservations at restaurants are down in Epcot because people choose to eat/graze at the festival booths, which are there a lot. I know we do that.

TTA9412 days ago

Curious about this to. Luminous isn’t a bad show but I doubt it’s up to HEA popularity and I assume that’s something they’ve been wanting for Epcot but struggle to achieve.

trainplane312 days ago

Fair. It's just funny to me how a 4 year gone show has been haunting them ever since getting rid of it. I still enjoy Luminous for what it is, much more then Harmonious.

Andrew2512 days ago

The show is great, and from my multiple viewings of it, the crowd is reacting far more positively than Harmonious. As for restaurant reservations, I think it's a bit unfair to tie the success of Luminous w/ whether or not Epcot dining reservations are up. Far too many variables to consider (people arriving at Epcot far earlier in the day than before, cost of visiting, economic/budgetary reasons, etc.)

Starship82412 days ago

So do we know how it's doing overall though? Like restaurant reservations?

pigglewiggle12 days ago

I watch a lot of videos of this show, even very recent ones (I like fireworks, what can I say) and I hear a lot of cheering beginning, during and at the end of this show. A lot more than I ever heard in Harmonious videos. I can actually hear ooohs and aaahs. 😂

wdwmagic12 days ago

RoE has been the benchmark that they are striving to meet or exceed. Harmonious is to be forgotten.