EPCOT'S former main entrance music removed from the ticket booth area

Aug 23, 2021 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Monday August 23, 2021 1:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The former EPCOT main entrance music still playing around the ticket booth area has now been removed.

When the new main entrance music debuted at EPCOT in March 2021, the previous music loop continued to be played around security and the ticket booths

The new main entrance loop now plays throughout the entire area, and as of last week, all the way into Future World East near to Test Track. Watch the video below for a quick listen to the area today.

The only remaining area playing old EPCOT Future World music is now Future World West.

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Goofyernmost5 days ago

Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

CntrlFlPete5 days ago

that (as the castle cake did) completely ignores how many brides has a wedding planned far far in advance, to be at a facility that faces the castle that must mean something to them---

Rich Brownn5 days ago

Something can look cheap yet still cost a lot to make. It looked like a balloon stuck to the castle that someone threw up on. It was almost universally derided. Worse, it didn't match anything else so it stuck out.

durangojim6 days ago

I wonder how many of the guests that were there during the 25th celebration never returned to WDW because of the castle cake. I’m guessing les than 10. If people came back again to see what the castle looked like normally then it was a win for Disney. Does anyone think in 25 years any of us will be talking about the 50th iridescent medallion on the castle? I doubt it but I’m guessing people will still be talking about the castle cake (which I thought was unique and silly but still fun).

G00fyDad6 days ago

jadebenn6 days ago

I'm going to have to count myself as a fan of the cake theme as well. My grandparents had a picture of themselves taken in front of the castle at the time, and I always thought it was interesting as a kid. And it beats the heck out of the "just stick a number plate on there" theming they do with anniversaries nowdays.

Goofyernmost6 days ago

Whatever makes you happy, but that didn't require an uber planner. You would have to have been in a Turkish prison to not have seen it. It was on TV, it was in magazines, it was with ticket packages and if you bought tickets to the place you would have seen it someplace. Stitch was more offensive because that whole promotion was really to take the pressure off Mickey as a company symbol. I never mentioned that internet. I lived 1500 miles away from the place and I knew about it. And those that didn't get the opportunity to get a picture of the original castle got an absolute, once in a lifetime, Castle cake picture. They have had 25 years before and 25 years since then to get a picture of the castle or they could have bought one at one of the gift shops. I am assuming and that is my way of saying that is what I think happened. Otherwise I would have specifically said that I knew for a fact. But so often things get blown out of proportional reality because those that were OK with it don't have anything to complain about and those that were not OK with it seem to find a million people telling them how awful it was, when it was just a few. The whole damn thing is a fact. That castle is plastic like like a toy with a thyroid condition and the castle cake was plastic like the same thing with a brighter celebratory condition. I think that you can correctly stick with your original reaction that you were upset that the castle was puked on during your trip and that you were unhappy with it. But, I don't think you can speak for everyone or even assume you are speaking for the majority.

Casper Gutman6 days ago

Absolutely. It was big and silly and on a scale that only Disney (or Uni today) could do. It was something distinct and unforgettable, an actual marker that the 25th mattered. It certainly wasn’t a total success, but at least it was a major attempt, something modern WDW would never do. And I love the goofiness of it. WDW should be goofy, and excessive, and outside of fashion trends. If I cared about things that conformed to present notions of class and expense, I wouldn’t be at WDW.

G00fyDad6 days ago

Not everyone is an uber trip planner. The castle is not an attraction. It is a park icon and something that most guests love getting a photo in front of. I personally do not know anyone who gets a photo taken in front of an attraction that would be even slightly upset if it had a scrim over it. Again, not everyone is an uber planner and may not have noticed it until they got there. Also, it was 1996. Do you remember what internet was like back then? I never alluded to people in a fetal position crying in corner somewhere. They've done enough with the castle. The Stitch toilet paper garbage was enough. I think that this particular argument was mostly made up by people that didn't like the concept and thought it was to whimsical for their conservative ideas of what a theme park is supposed to look like. Assume as you wish. So let's make up a different reason, because that one, if it existed at all was only a minor problem and happens whenever a change is done. Most have no special time frame, this one did and was widely advertised. I'll stick with my original assertation that people were upset that the castle was puked on during their trip and they were unhappy with it.

HauntedPirate6 days ago

It was temporary, whimsical, and fun. (Remember fun?) And not at all something that was at the entrance to Epcot. 😉

ImperfectPixie6 days ago

I thought it was just plain ugly and am so happy to never have seen it in person.

UNCgolf6 days ago

Well it didn't actually fit every part of the castle -- it only worked from the front. If you looked at the castle from the side or from behind there were parts that weren't covered and it did not look very good.

Communicora6 days ago

It is funny, because the castle cake is now beloved by a generation that may have never even experienced it.

James Alucobond6 days ago

Whimsy and class aren't mutually exclusive, and things that look appropriately expensive aren't devoid of fun. No one is saying that it couldn't be celebratory or over-the-top. It's a simple matter of expecting more in terms of design, materials, and execution from a park that was known for being a cut above.