EPCOT'S new main entrance area music moves further into Future World replacing the Innoventions loop

Aug 20, 2021 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Friday August 20, 2021 7:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT'S recently updated main entrance area music has now moved further into the park, taking over the area soundtrack of Future World East.

Watch the video below for a listen to both Future World East and West from this week.

The new music, which features tracks from Netflix's Our Planet, plays around Test Track, Mouse Gear and towards the center of the park.

The classic Innoventions music is still playing in Future World West, but it would seem likely that its days there are also numbered.

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Lora Baines Bradley14 days ago

No, this is by the land and imagination. Map for reference-

Cmdr_Crimson14 days ago

Was this by Innoventions East? From what I can tell that brightly lit building is the bathrooms by the new club cool area...Correct?

Lora Baines Bradley14 days ago

Yes! I apologize for my crappy video but this is from tonight, 10/4! the music lives! https://youtube.com/shorts/u12Jhuj6AMs?feature=share

Father RobinsonAug 22, 2021

Still playing in the World Nature side. I took this yesterday near where the breezeway would've been in Innoventions West. To the right is the Land.

Cmdr_CrimsonAug 22, 2021

Document Disney had posted this Ambience version of the Innoventions Loop if how it use to sound in Innoventions West..... And, Yes everyone can smell the sewage by looking at this photo...😆 But, for me I always liked sitting here during times when the hallway was practically empty and took a break for an hour or so..This is one thing I do miss..

Figments FriendAug 21, 2021

And don't forget about The Land's original exterior loop. Last I was aware, it's still playing.....sounding like a 8-track tape player laying in the shrubbery. Gotta love those epic original loops from the early days. :) -

Cmdr_CrimsonAug 20, 2021

Well, at least Imagination's original loop is still playing in the washrooms right......Ri RI right?

ThelazerAug 20, 2021

Which means, a placeholder for the next 4 years or so.. so they should just get on with it.

Haymarket2008Aug 20, 2021

From what other insiders have said on these boards, it seems that this IS a placeholder for a future music loop that will incorporate themes from future attractions.

LaughingGravyAug 20, 2021

This is another Disney cutback, pay the same or higher price and get less. Player broke. Nah, don't fix it, just mix the sound in from the next area.

HauntedPirateAug 20, 2021

Why limit yourself like that? 😉

BisonLionAug 20, 2021

The Innoventions loop is my favorite in all of DW's parks. That music reminds me of leaving the park at night (with the lit up walkways (sad face)). I always play that loop on my computer at work the day or two before we head down. Hopefully they keep it over near the land and imagination pavilions.

DisneyFuturist87Aug 20, 2021

Does anyone think that maybe the new bgm is just a placeholder until they can compose something more original? Out of everything we're losing at EPCOT this has to be one of the hardest things to say goodbye to.

jeanericuser001Aug 20, 2021

Its times like these that I miss the original epcot bgm loops from the early 80s. Some of them were so crazy epic. A lot of good memories happened while listening to that music. Some times I wish I could quantum leap back into my younger self as a little kid just to enjoy those moments again.