Coming Soon to Disney+: 'EPCOT BECOMING' - A National Geographic Special on the park's transformation

Mar 21, 2024 in "EPCOT"

Posted: Thursday March 21, 2024 8:42am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Get ready for an exclusive glimpse into the EPCOT transformation with a new National Geographic special premiering April 29 at 10/9c on National Geographic and streaming later on Disney+ and Hulu.

EPCOT BECOMING showcases the reimagining of EPCOT for a new generation. Watch as Walt Disney World Resort teams rise to the challenge of bringing the constantly evolving park into the future, from creating an innovative new coaster to exploring the wonder of water and culminating with the debut of the next legacy in nighttime spectaculars: "Luminous The Symphony of Us."

EPCOT BECOMING premieres April 29 at 10/9c on National Geographic

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John park hopper30 days ago

Just remember Bob has 60 billion to spend ---------the embarrassment will soon be over (sarcasm)

Cmdr_Crimson30 days ago

I Figured it out! Epcot BECOMING.......An Embarrassment! Thank you and good night!

Epcot81Fan30 days ago

Just checking: Wonders of Life pavilion still completely shuttered and abandoned? Journey Into Imagination pavilion still a disaster with a shortened, embarrassing attraction? The Living Seas pavilion still a nearly abandoned low rent aquarium? Spaceship Earth still clanking and rumbling and held together with duct tape with the Flash animation comedy bits still playing? Morocco still nearly completely shuttered with the main restaurant still closed? World Showcase still does not have a new country added since Ronald Reagan was in office? Is that the theme park we are talking about?

Cmdr_Crimson31 days ago

Best way the whole Epcot plan turned out...

Vegas Disney Fan31 days ago

I’m normally the negative one but you all are nuts if you think this is a negative. The new entry is much better than the old tombstone entrance. Guardians is much better than Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Luminous is much better than Harmoniius. I have no doubt the new event building will be much better than the mostly empty building it replaced. Moana is much better than the completely empty building it replaced. The new Starbucks, restaurant, and shops are much better than the old Starbucks, Mousegears, and Electric Umbrella. The courtyard full of trees is much better than the concrete jungle it replaced… I hate the big blue building, that we didn’t get Mary Poppins, the play pavilion, and our SSE update, and I agree they could have gone with a better plan to fit the theme of Epcot better BUT what we did get is still infinitely better than the rotting carcass that it replaced. It’s far from perfect but what it replaced was even further from perfect.

Cmdr_Crimson31 days ago

Honestly What's with the Title? BECOMING....What? Stangnant? To the people that think this was a good idea to do this. I, and the many many people say..

John park hopper31 days ago

Years ago NatGeo was good --gave up my sub long ago-- NatGeo has got the way of Disney---down hill

MrPromey31 days ago

I'm guessing because this is NatGeo that it's supposed to be a documentary but given the subject, I'm inclined to think it's going to be a dark comedy.

Jambo Dad31 days ago

This says it all. Best post ever.

Starship82431 days ago

That was a different one, this one actually has bass to it and sounds really good!

montyz8131 days ago

Wow, this is pathetic. They are trying to drum up excitement to make it seem like they changed everything at Epcot... What did they actually do? They renamed an area into three different areas, put in some pipes to make water squirt, put up a bit of monstrosity of a boxed-shaped building with a roller coaster in it, and planted a few trees in the middle of the park. Oh, and tried twice (and failed, I might add) to recreate/replace what was a perfect water-born fireworks show. All of these efforts simply removed and replaced what was true innovation and imagination. All this while Universal builds an entirely new park. ---- I think Disney is using the force to play Jedi mind tricks with this documentary. (Waving a hand over my face); "This is the Epcot you were looking for...."

TTA9431 days ago

I believe thats the same bassless recording that others were talking about in the other thread. Regardless I’m sure that’s the best we are going to get for awhile.

Cmdr_Crimson31 days ago

Perhaps they should just bring back Epcot Magazine instead..I would rather watch that..

TP200031 days ago

In the 20th century, I was an avid annual subscriber to the National Geographic Society. If I'd know they would later breathlessly detail the decline and fall of a once great theme park, I might have reconsidered.