VIDEO - EPCOT main entrance debuts new background music

Mar 03, 2021 in "EPCOT"

EPCOT main entrance flags
Posted: Wednesday March 3, 2021 11:!1am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Guests arriving at EPCOT today were greeted with a brand new background music set playing at the park's main entrance.

Surprisingly none of the music is a rework of the classic EPCOT scores, or original compositions. Instead, designers have opted to use existing recordings from a variety of musicians. See the video below for a 10 minute sample of some of the music.

Although some will be disappointed there is no original EPCOT here, the tone is inspiring and uplifting, very fitting for EPCOT. Many of the composers have produced music for movies and TV, including "Our Planet."

Some of the artists in the 60 minute loop include Mark Petrie and Steven Price. Nearly all of the music is available on both Spotify and Apple Music.

Some of the tracks include (Thanks to @Schmoofy who has been Shazaming all morning):

  • The Ocean Returns The Favor - Steven Price
  • Brasier - Two Steps from Hell
  • Transform - Mark Petrie
  • Finding Your Way - Clinton Rusich
  • Beauty Within - Mark Petrie
  • The Numbers Build - Steven Price
  • Nebulae - Terry Devine-King
  • A Different Set of Rules - Steven Price
  • Rise of Champions - Terry Devine King
  • The Fall - Up
  • The Magic Kingdom - Thomas Newman
  • Echo Fires Up Another - Steven Price
  • Beyond the Horizon - Two Steps from Hell
  • The Game is Afoot - Brian Tyler
  • She's A Superhero - Two Steps from Hell
  • A Greater Resilience - Steven Price
  • Eternal Beauty - Mark Petrie

The new audio is also playing on the brand new sound system that was installed along with the new entrance planters. The old speakers mounted on the monorail beam columns are now longer in use. See this article for more details on the new sound system.

If you miss the old loop, there is good news. It is still currently playing before the ticket booths just after security, and in the bathrooms underneath Spaceship Earth.

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Father Robinson17 hours ago

When I saw that I was hoping it meant the palms they were talking about flanked SSE just like when the park opened. I'm glad they're back near the line for SSE though, but got my hopes up too quick.

atighe4222 hours ago

So the palm trees are back???

RSoxNo11 day ago

J.J. Abrahms would be proud.

Crazydisneyfanluke1 day ago

It's the new beacon of light show! ;)

G00fyDad1 day ago

Disney Analyst1 day ago

I think they could get it a bit brighter. We need more power Scotty!

mightynine1 day ago

EeyoreFan#241 day ago

What happens when the Epcot sun gets into the Epcot black hole next door. UOEs revenge!

mightynine1 day ago

So that's how they are going to hide the barges and stargate, by blinding you upon entry!

michmousefan1 day ago

Looks like half a Pepsi logo. Thankfully Club Cool is a Coke thing, don't want anyone to get any ideas...

ImperfectPixie1 day ago


wdwmagic1 day ago

Yeah the camera has just blown all that out. Don’t think any conclusion can be made about anything from that shot, other than half of them turn on lol

ctrlaltdel1 day ago

Disney has built the ultimate weapon, and it's been right in front of us this whole time...

Thelazer1 day ago

Led's at full power are bright as hell... especially if they have a narrow lens.